10 Happy Things #51

October 17, 2017

There’s nothing like a holiday to make you feel like… well, you need to be on holiday all the time right? I had a dreeeeeamy week in the Algarve and away from the gloom of London. It’s now basically a long slide until the end of the year, right? I’ve not got NO holidays booked which is basically the scariest Halloween I could have. But the brain is clicking away with some plans to be made.

Anywhos, onto the happy things:
1 A week in Portugal with Paul. I mean, of course this has to be number one right? The weather was warm and sunny every day, we lounged by the pool, drank lots of wine and played a lot of uno. Just what you need on holiday. It was so nice to go away with Paul, he’s the perfect travel buddy as we just have the same travel style. I came back feeling very contented.

2 A week offline. That’s right. You may not believe it but that dreamy week in Portugal – I also had it off of the internetz. It was weird, I’ve not had that amount of time away from my phone in years. Not only did it help the old brain out, but I actually didn’t miss it that much (which is weird). I read 5 books in a week so that just shows how much time the phone takes up! I’m back to reality and it’s back stuck in my hand but at least it’s nice to know that I can actually go a whole week phone free.

3 I made a skirt! For real, an actual skirt, I actually sewed it myself. I do a lot of thread based crafts but haven’t yet got around to actually making clothes. So I bought myself a little Sew it with Love course and spent 7 hours learning how to use a sewing machine and came out with this gorgeeee skirt. I really enjoyed myself and it’s a hobby I would love to do more of!

4 I finished my first embroidery. Speaking of thread based crafts, I finished my first embroidery which I did from a kit from the Etsy shop Oh Sew Bootiful. I think it looks faaaabulous and it’s probs the most popular thing I’ve put on social media in ages. I just bought a new kit for a Christmas based design and it looks banging.

5 Postcards (and chopsticks) from my sis. If you weren’t aware, my sister and her hubby are currently swanning around Asia with like 574 weeks off work and I’m SO JEALOUS. But she’s done a good job at sending some postcards to make me even more jealous, and even sent me some personalised chopsticks from Japan which I loooove. Now I just need a 6 month holiday myself…

6 New healthy self care bits. The lovely guys at Jet2 and Jet2 holidays* sent me a little package filled with loads of healthy self care bits. I now have an actual exercise foam mat which is sooo handy so I can do exercise not just on the rug at home. Other highlights included an epic eye mask (which doesn’t press down on my eyes – yesss) and the yummiest smelling candle I’ve had in ages. I now need to chill out and get a holiday booked!

7 Newsletter. I finally actually wrote a newsletter! Woooo. If you want to be in on the fun of even more tips, tricks and rambles about building a place on the internet then be sure to sign up using the form below or on the sidebar. I have some exciting plans for this mail list next month!

8 A weekend in Bristol. Last weekend we headed to Bristol to celebrate Paul’s mum and sisters birthday. It was so lovely to hang out with his fam, we ate loadsa good food and even did a little tour around the SS Great Britain. It feels like it’s been aaaaages since I was last in Bristol and I do love that city.

9 Cozy books. I’ve mentioned on here before that I looooved the Shetland books. Well I’ve now moved onto Ann Cleeves other series – the Vera books. I hadn’t actually even seen the TV show before but now I’m getting well into it. I love all of her books, even though they are murder mysteries, they have this cozy, slow vibe about them. A little like cuddling up to watch a midsummer murders but in book form. If you have any other suggestions for authors like this then pleeeease let me know.

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

What’s been making you happy lately?

*I was sent some lovely bits from Jet2 but all opinions are my own!

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