Should you actually be blogging less?

October 19, 2017

Frequency of blogging is a funny thing. I think that people get it in their head that they *must* post every 2nd day OR ELSE NO ONE WILL EVER LOOK AT MY BLOG AGAIN. And then, as we all know that we *must* be super consistent. So you basically get yourself stuck in this cycle of always producing content and then constantly feeling guilty if you just so happen to miss a post.

And here’s the thing, if you’re working just for you, your hobby and the love of writing, this this is fine. Post whenever the hell you feel like it! Buuut if you want your blog to be growin then the reality is that writing is just one piece of a complex puzzle.

Content, is indeed kind, but without all the other pieces then people seeing your awesome content will be significantly less. You need time outside of the writing to promote your posts, to use and promote on social media, to read other things for #inspo, to engage with other blogs and everything else on the myriad of tasks which are on the blog ‘to do’ list. And these tasks vary in value, but a heap do actually need to be done.

So, what I’m suggesting is pretty simple really. Cut down on the number of posts which you are writing so that you can really focus on growing your blog. And why should you do this? How is posting less going to grow your blog more? Well, here are 3 things to ponder…

1 You get more time to create quality content. When you have a demanding schedule, we can aaaaall admit that sometimes the content we put out there may not be out best. I mean, who has the time to reread the post several times, to make a load of Pinterest graphics, to make it all optimised for SEO and the whole other heap of stuff on the post list.

Like who can be bothered with an alt tag? Well, the joy is that if you log less. Then you *can* actually do these things. When you aren’t as pressured by a strict, busy schedule then you have as much time as you need to get out a quality blog post. And, well, the more quality blog posts you get out, then the easier it is for people to share them and for your blog following to grow. You could also consider using the services of an SEO company and leave it up to them to carry out all of the background work so that you can focus all of your attention on creating quality content.

2 You have enough time to focus on promoting your new posts so people actually see them. When I used to blog every day or two, sometimes I felt like I wrote some awesome stuff, but that no one really ever had the time to see it as it was soon replaced by something else. But slowing your schedule you get enough time for each post to actually promote it. Most people aren’t free to read blogs everyday so having one post up over a few days gives them the opportunity to actually read it.

Plus you have time to promote it enough too! If you’re thinking well you can promote all your posts if you do 5 a week then I definitely think this is more of a challenge so amazing work if you do manage to do it – I simply don’t have enough hours in the day!

3 Readers generally don’t care about your schedule as long as you are kind of consistent. I mean, maybe other than your fam, most people read a looooad of blogs. Me included, and I could not tell you pretty much anyone’s schedule. And you know, that’s okay.

All I remember is that people either post relatively consistently, or they don’t. So whether they pop up once a day, week or month, most people don’t notice or mind.

So what does this all mean? It means create a schedule that works for you and your audience. Your audience will still love you and won’t disappear off the face of the world if you want to blog less. Your views won’t drop off a cliff and hey, you may have a wee bit more time to focus your activities on stuff that will really give your blog a handy boost.

How often do you blog? Do you think if you blogged less it would help you?

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