Behind the coaching biz: Month 2

October 29, 2017

Oh hey, look at me keeping up a series after the first installment! So welcome back, I’m using these posts to document my little journey into my coaching biz, you can read all about Month 1 here. Running a biz is haaaard and I wanted a place to document how I’m feeling and (hopefully) how I’m progressing as the months roll on by. Also, it will hopefully give you some tips along the way. There are certain things you do to take your business to the next level so by documenting everything I do, I hope that you guys will be able to take inspiration. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should copy everything I do because different companies require different changes. For example, I’m quite happy managing my own SEO but you might need to talk to an agency like BlackStorm SEO of Knoxville about your digital marketing efforts. But then I might need help with designing logos when you don’t need to. We’ll see! If there’s anything else you’re curious to know about which I can include in these posts then please chuck your ideas my way!

Highlights of month 2

1 Some super interesting clients. I think my clients are going to be the highlight of every month but 1. Yaaaay I got some more clients this month! And 2. They are so interesting. It’s awesome to understand how different people run their blog / biz and figure out proper ways to help them.

On the same note, it’s always so nice to see people actually putting the advice into action! I’ve seen a few tweaks and blog posts and emails this month which have made me feel all squishy inside.

2 My first newsletter. I fiiiiinally sent out an email! Man, that only took me like 3 months. I feel as though it was a mental block more than anything. Now I’ve sent one I feel ready to go and send some more! Just gotta get the balance right between what to put on the old blog and what to put in an email.

3 Pinterest groove. I feel like I’m getting there with Pinterest, I’m getting a few more views on my bloggy posts and my followers have (shockingly) started increasing. It definitely need a few more months of proper effort but at least it’s moving in the right direction.

In a Pinterest tangent, I’ve been using some of their ads this month and maaaaan they have made that so complicated. It used to be kinda intuitive and now I’ve been properly struggling. If anyone is a Pinterest Ads pro then please let me know.

Challenges of month 2

1 Feeling blue and unrealistic expectations. I had a week off the biz this month when I went to Portugal and when I came back I felt distinctly blue. I haven’t had as many clients this month but if I’m realistic then that’s probably to be expected – I took a week off and the excitement of launching and loooads of promotion has stopped a bit. I need to re-up my advertising and really try and keep my goals and expectations in check going forward.

2 Knowing where to advertise and how to market the website. Obviously advertising is an important part of running the biz and getting new people to see the site. I’ve been playing around with where to advertise but I need to run some proper tests to see which ones do best. Pinterest definitely does best for getting traffic to the blog but that’s not necessarily the right traffic if you know what I mean? One of my friends recently started her own legal business and she used a digital marketing agency los angeles to help promote her product/website. She’s getting loads of sales now so she’s clearly marketed herself well! I’m hoping to do the same too.

My next experiments are going to be on facebook ads, and after blogging for 4 years I’ve finally set up a coaching facebook page to use. There’s not much going on over there but you can follow it here if you like.

What I’m going to focus on next month

1 Playing around more with Facebook. I generally write facebook off in terms of somewhere to promote as it is very much a ‘pay to play’ platform now. So I’m going to have a go at trying some of the different ad types they have and seeing what works.

2 Creating an email challenge. I really want to grow my email subscribers which are slowly improving. I have put a lot of time and effort into researching the best email service provider. For anyone looking, the most helpful thing I found was this Mailgun vs Sendgrid comparison. My first big push for this is to create an email challenge. I’ve decided I’m going to do it around SEO – something like how to improve your SEO in a week with an email each day for an activity that you need to do. It’s something inspired by the local SEO services strategies that work so well for those companies, and I’ve started drafting it all and will run it from the 20th of November – you can sign up below!

3 Getting some blog reviews. I did work with a load of lovely bloggers to develop my services but I do want to try and get some reviews of the services on blogs, especially in niches where I don’t have many followers. I’m hoping this will be another handy little way of promoting the services.

There we have it, another month down. I’m looking forward to the next few months, I have a feeling things will drop a little towards Christmas but I’m really hoping to push everything forward enough to have a productive New Year!

Have you ever advertised on social media? Which did you find most useful?

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