JUST GO – An exciting Zeal and Heart x Bangarang announcement

October 11, 2017

This is a very exciting post. I literally need to type that out as I’m properly excited about it! Two of my faveeee things in the world are coming together and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

First – bangarang, you will have seen them mentioned before but it’s basically my girl gang of 11 amazing bloggers who make life so much better (for reference, the babes are: Katy, Erica, Charlie, Charley, Emma, Leanne, AJ, Katie, Claire and Milly).

Second – the totally fabulous Rebecca (of runaway kiwi fame, also known as the blog that started me blogging) has set up an amazing jewellery company called Zeal and Heart. You’ll have seen it mentioned a few times on the blog as I’ve been wearing my ‘Courage, Dear Heart’ necklace for moooonths now. And she was a lovely guinea pig for my biz coaching too.

SO HERES THE EXCITING BIT, BANAGARANG + ZEAL AND HEART ARE COMING TOGETHER. That’s right, the Bangarang whatsapp group has spent many an hour debating what to put on our very own, limited edition, silver pendant.

And the winner?


‘Cause you see, if there’s anything that ties bangarang (and basically most people I know) together, it’s that loooove of travel. And you know what, stop your debating and JUST GO. It’s the kick up the bum that you need, and if you have it on a pendant then I guarantee you’ll have 100x more epic holidays (maybe not guarantee, but it will give you all the motivation).

So what’s the deal? Well there are only 100 of these gorgeous pendants which will be made (and as there are 11 bangarang, that means only 89 to be snapped up) and then that’s it. They are gooooone.

You can buy one off the Zeal and Heart Etsy here.

The pendants are all sterling silver. It’s £25 for the pendant itself or £35 for it with the chain (which I recommend as the fine chain looks great on). It’s £2.50 for shipping in the UK and £5 for worldwide shipping.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL (do I sound like an infomercial? Soz!)

But we are donating a portion of all profits to the amazing charity Headway. Amy, one of Charleys best friends sadly passed away last year from head trauma and it’s a charity which is close to our hearts.

If you’re wondering about the size, then you can see me wearing mine in the snaps throughout the post. It’s small and dainty and means that the words are mainly just for you – which is exactly what I love about them.

So there we have it, support an awesome small biz, support an amazing charity and get an epic pendant at the same time too.

Be sure to follow Zeal and Heart on their social too! twitter + instagram 

Tell me, are you ready to JUST GO?

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