Why do you need a blog / small biz coach?

October 25, 2017

The age old question…! Or maybe not. But I wanted to sit and write a bit about the new biz as sometimes the concept of a ‘coach’ can be a bit confusing.

And let me tell you, I also found it confusing! You see I’d done a loooad of big business consulting, and then when I turned my interest to small businesses, the whole vocab of ‘consulting’ didn’t really work for me. To me, consulting is quite cold and hard. You come in and create efficiency, increase sales and transform how companies work. But you can’t really care that much – as you never know whether your work will really impact people’s lives.

But in small biz I wanted to do similar objectives:

  • Make bloggers and small businesses more efficient, so they could spend more time doing the things they love
  • Help them increase sales through a myriad of different ways
  • Transform how owners see their blog and biz and help them see it in a more technical and business focussed way which will thrive.

But the key difference is that I wanted to CARE. I wanted to be the biggest cheerleader for my clients and really feel as though I was invested in their biz and blog.

So when you tie those pieces together, the word coach felt like it fit much more. Yes, in some ways I provide consultancy, but I pair it with a way of working and providing support to you so that you aren’t on this hard journey by yourself.

Hopefully that helps explain what a ‘coach’ is. But why, would you whether you run a small biz, run a full time blog or are a hobby blogger, need one? Well…

1 You’ve been doing the same thing for ages and seem a bit stagnant

A lot of us have been blogging or running a small biz for aaaaages. And well, in that time you tend to get stuck in a bit of rut. Not only a rut, but sometimes you feel like you ‘need’ to do certain things – schedule tweets, write blog posts on certain days, create an item in your store in a particular way.

And there’s nothing wrong with that but often this leads to feeling stagnant and it becomes harder for your blog/biz to grow. By working with a coach, you can examine how you do things and how this matches your aspirations. A coach can help identify things you should stop, things you should prioritise and new things you should do to help move forward.

2 You spend SO much time working on your blog / biz but feel like you don’t get much out of it

In the world of ‘hustle’ it can be super tempting to work on your blog / biz all the time and basically run yourself into the ground. Well, if you’re in this situation then a coach is essential. Giving an outside perspective on what you are doing, and well, whether any of it is useful can help you get your time (and life) back.

I’m super interested in all the fancy tools out there and working in tech basically means I want to make your blog / biz as automated and efficient as it can be. Trust me when I say I can get you hoooours back in your week.

3 You have dreams but just no idea where to start, or how to get where you want to be

Sometimes you may have a dream – whether that’s taking your blog full time, launching a product range or writing an eBook. But, these all require a load of work in order to be successful and it can be really hard to know how to actually get there. The workload required for marketing yourself, your brand, and your products or services should not be underestimated.

Well, a coach is peeeerfect for this situation. I’ve run and worked with a load of different businesses all at different phases in their journey. A coach can help you create a roadmap and real actions you need to do in order to meet that end goal. In the early stages of a new project, it can be so useful to have someone to consult and chat with as you go through all those difficult first phases.

Often the tech / biz / finance side of these kind of goals can be a whole new world to small biz / bloggers. Having someone there to help guide you through it is essential.

Furthermore, outsourcing tasks to experts is a unique way to grow your business no matter what sector you work in. For example, one of my friends owns a law firm and found that enlisting the help of a marketing company helped to dramatically improve her website.

Above all, if you are contemplating reaching out to a marketing company for support, make sure to do some research to find one that specializes in your specific business needs. For instance, SERP Co is a digital marketing agency that helps lawyers & law firms grow their legal practice by providing industry leading online marketing services. Ultimately, there are always going to be some responsibilities that are best left to the professionals, and marketing is typically one of them.

4 You have an established blog / biz but want to optimise your processes to improve sales or income

On the other side, sometimes you will have a super successful blog / biz. Buuuut you know it could be even better. This provides a different starting point but it still has the same key components – making efficiency, increasing growth and changing how you work. In this case, the coach needs to fully understand your biz first and then uses all that knowledge to really support and build your blog / biz. For example, if your business does not currently accept card payments, you could potentially be losing out on sales. To learn more about why using a payment processing system such as Square can boost your business, take a look at this useful blog post from the University of Alabama Birmingham.

5 You don’t really know where to start or what you want. You just want someone to be there with you along the journey and to bounce ideas off

And finally, you may just not know what you want from a coach, but you kinda know that you want one. Well, that’s okay too! Working with a coach usually always involves some kind of assessment or chat around what you’re currently doing. And well, it’s a big part of the coaches role to help you identify these areas and really clarify key areas you can expand and grow into.

So don’t even worry about it – once you get started, it will soon all become clear!

Right, I hope that’s useful for you all. The concept of a coach can be a bit of a mystery but I think everyone can benefit from one. If you’re interested in more, then I have a couple coaching packages you can read through – the blog audit and the growth pathway. That said, if neither of these really fit with what you want, then just get in touch – the joy of coaching is the proper flexibility!

Did this help explain the role of a coach more? What would make you consider using a coach?

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