Postcards from Split, Croatia

October 4, 2017

Now, if you’ve not been to Croatia. You basically need to remedy that right now and getting booking a holiday. ‘Cause let me tell you, it’s aaaaamazing. You may remember that I went on a wee road trip last year around Croatia and Slovenia. So when the opportunity came up to head over to Split for a long weekend with my bangarang babe Erica I was SO EXCITED.

So on a Saturday morning, we headed down to Gatwick. And well, went straight in for the prosecco. As I mean, if you can’t drink prosecco at 9am in an airport before you go on holiday, when can you? We sat in the No1 lounge and sipped and ate a LOT of cheese for a Saturday morning. And you know when your boarding pass says your gate closes at 11.30? Well the one time that actually happens will be when you’re wandering slowly from a lounge and then end up being the last people on a plane.

Well, I have to say I much prefer flying with 3 glasses of prosecco and highly recommend it if you have a fear of flying. We soon touched down in Croatia and picked up our little car for the weekend. We actually stayed outside of Split down the coast in a small town called Trogir. We had a little villa with the most gorgeous terrace. I basically could of spent the whole 4 days sitting on that terrace and gazing at the sea.

We departed the villa and set out a trend which would follow the entire trip, sitting somewhere with an epic view, eating some deeeeelish seafood pasta and drinking wine. Can you do anything better on a holiday? I think not!

On our first full day we decided to hit up a National Park. I went to Plitvice last time so we went somewhere a bit closer to home – Krka. If you need anywhere for a good waterfall, then you must go to Croatia. It does a mean waterfall. At Krka you can do a one hour pleasant walk down to the bottom of the waterfalls (and then up a load of stairs on the other side). We did have a brief period of rain, but we rewarded ourselves with a crepe so it all ended up okay.

After taking 7000 photos of waterfalls (of which 96% looked the same) we drove back into Split for a wee guided tour. Our guide Dino was quite the character (and a minor celeb after taking some well known youtubers on the same tour) and we really enjoyed his anecdotes of the ugly side of Split history.

I remembered Split centre from last time I visited – don’t get me wrong, I think the centre is very beautiful and full of interesting history. Buuut I still think the surrounds and the other Croatian cities have just that bit more charm.

After even more prawn pasta and wine, the next day we headed to the Fortress of Klis. If you didn’t know, Croatia is where a lot of the scenes in Game of Thrones is set and Klis was one of them. I am not up to date with GoT at all but apparently Klis is indeed the set for the city of Meereen. Even without the GoT connection, it’s still definitely worth a visit as it is BEAUTIFUL.

Not only is it loads of stone built into the top of a really tall mountain, but you get the best view over Split and the islands too. And you get to take loads of photos looking off wistfully into the distance. Perf.

The rest of the holiday consisted of similar things, more seafood pasta, more wine, more walking. We did manage to almost get caught in the worst storm I’ve ever seen though. We sat in a big bar which had no walls, with 5 old smoking Croatian men whilst basically the world exploded. Like horizontal sheets of rain, thunder, lightning. I thought the world was ending. So I had a drink and 17 minutes later it was sunshine like nothing had even happened.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday (well maybe if it continued for another week, that would have been ideal). It made me fall in love with Croatia even more than before and I’m very keen to visit even more (which for someone whose always trying to tick off new countries, means something).

Have you been to Croatia? What did you think?

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