Practicing self care when your blog/biz makes you blue

October 15, 2017

If there’s anything I think we can all relate with – is that no matter how big or successful your blog / biz is, sometimes it makes you feel a bit crap. I, for sure, play the comparison game and often get stressed that my numbers aren’t good enough or I’m not hitting the lofty goals I’ve set for myself.

Not only just comparison, but more emotional turmoil comes from the pressure of blogging or running a biz too. There is always something we should be doing, and it can feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m not doing something productive to help grow my little biz.

And well this is where that buzz word ‘self care’ comes into the equation. I don’t think self care existed 10 years ago in the form it does today. Mainly, ’cause we just don’t take care of ourselves well enough day to day.

I’ve been feeling a wee bit blue over the past few weeks – nothing specific, just that little bit of pressure that I’m somehow ‘failing’ and feeling a bit lost in the world. So I’ve been trying hard to incorporate a bit more self care in my day to day routine, and I thought I’d share some with you. Hopefully, some little tweaks in your day to day routine will help keep those blues at bay…

Take some time offline

Shocking I know, but I think if you have an online business, the best cure for the blues is to just get offline! It can be so easy to get sucked into an online spiral and can be really hard to get perspective. By just taking that step away, you start to connect back into the real world and to be honest, that makes creating content for the online world a whole lot easier.

I recently took a whole week offline when I was in Portugal and it was glorious. I properly switched off and spent my time reading (and becoming an uno champion). It made me feel so good, and when I came back to reality, actually recharged and ready to work hard on the biz.

Handle your light exposure

And by light exposure, I mean suuuuunshine. It can be really tempting to spend a lot of time indoors on your creative online pursuits, but this can mean we get a super lack of vitamin D from the sun. If you don’t spend enough time outside, or if you live basically anywhere in the UK where we don’t get that much sun in the Autumn and Winter months then you definitely need it. I usually take it as a spray and you can definitely tell the difference.

I also think in the dark months it’s important to consider your screen time – always shift to a more orange light in the evenings. And if you’re really affected by light then totally get a lumi light up alarm clock – it’s basically been life changing to wake up in natural light in the depths of December. It really transforms my mood in the mornings.

Take a great shower

If you know me off the context of the internet, you will know my need for an amazing shower. Nothing makes me feel better than a reeeeeally hot shower. The kind where you come out looking like a pink lobster. I also find that my best thinking comes in the shower, so really all that time in there is justified right?

I recently got invited to an event with Mira showers and got to take home one of their new Mira switch shower heads* and oh man, it is life changing. I love nothing more than a strong, powerful jet in my shower and this is just perfect. Plus you can easily switch it to something else if you fancy a change. I’m still a few years away from my dream bathroom with that waterfall shower, but it’s so nice to get something lovely in the meantime.

They even have a shower with a blue tooth speaker in it, and let me tell you, a shower with the added benefit of music is the BEST.

Indulge in some treats

Yep, some self care can be pretty basic. But sometimes, it’s nice to something a little more fancy. At the event I went to a workshop with Midas Touch Crafts who were aaaamazing. They basically run workshops to make all natural skincare products at home and all their profits go to charity. I made a little scrub and some lavender balm and they were both loooovely. An ideal little treat to do at home too.

I also highly recommend a massage. Maybe not one where you get embarrassing photographs like these ones of me up there, but you know that is a relaxed looking face there. (Big thanks to Kaye at Fordtography for the babein’ photos).

Do something utterly pointless

I find that most of the activities I do, even when I’m relaxing have some kind of ‘point’. Like even when I’m sewing, there is something I will have and make at the end. So to really switch off, it’s nice to do something which really has no outcome at the end.

Think, watching a whole season of scandal in one afternoon. It doesn’t really have any benefit to me, but oh, does it make me feel better. Playing games is another one for me – no one cares when I’ve finished my pokemon game but I feel raaaaather happy about it.

Have an offline hobby

Linked to the above, it’s nice to do something totally pointless, but it’s also nice to have a wee offline hobby. And a hobby which doesn’t involve screens or the internet. I’ve always been into my cross stitch, but recently starting doing some embroidery too and it’s really enjoyable. There’s nothing more relaxing than actually creating something physical with my hands.

There we have it, a few suggestions to hopefully help you practice a little bit of self care when you’re feeling a bit blue.

Tell me, what do you do when the online world is wearing you down?

*I was a guest of Mira for their event but this post isn’t sponsored and aaaaall my thoughts are my own! 

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