10 Happy Things #52

November 3, 2017

Hello! It’s that time of the week again, time for aaaaall of the happy things. I especially think it’s needed today, 1. because we are now plunged into a pit of darkness for the next few months, and 2. I was feeling a wee bit crap. I can’t put my finger on why so I’m sure thinking about lovely things I’m eternally grateful for will be a nice cure.

1 I GOT NEW PLANTS. The most exciting thing of late is that I got some house plants! When I first moved in with Paul, he had some plants but I was away a lot with work, and well, they all died. And so for ages, we had no plants. UNTIL NOW! We had a look online for some ideas and then took a trip to the garden center where I bought a babe of a calathea who, to be honest, stressed me out a bit as the leaves move with the daylight and I was convinced it was dying. Since then, I’ve bought all the house plant tools and it’s looking much happier.

I also bought two succulents that sit there looking happy and not dying. So that’s good.

2 Juniper Manor. We booked juniper manor aaaaaages when I felt like October would be a bit empty, we then booked a holiday but that’s not the point. Juniper Manor is a Ginger Line production in line with Sipsmiths, so think, food, gin and immersive theatre. IT WAS SO GOOD. Like we had suuuch a great night and I want to go to more of their productions in the future!

3 Getting my SEO on. I’ve been so busy planning and writing my upcoming SEO email challenge! I’m too excited about it but also terrified that no one will like it or join in on it, so JOIN! The little signup form is right at the bottom of this post and will be sure to make me smile. When you start blogging, you realize how important SEO is. No one tells you these things when you start, but you work that out over time. Even if you have been blogging for a while, but still are not sure about how to implement SEO, you could always get in touch with an SEO Agency, who could give you a helping hand. Professionals like these are not there for no reason. So using their services and advice could be what you need to improve your blog and take it further! A few friends of mine found outsourcing to a Charlotte SEO service much easier than doing the SEO themselves. They decided to focus on the content of their blog rather than the techy which seems to be working out well for them.

This challenge I have set up is designed for small blogs and helps them get better. It isn’t as aimed towards small businesses and helping them grow their site so if you have a business and are hoping this will help you then you’d be better off going to someone like Digital Tepee SEO for help. I’m sure there will be aspects that will be helpful to you though!

4 I walked under the Thames. In a tunnel. When we had Juniper Manor, I decided to walk from work as it was about an hour and I’d been stuck inside all day. So, I trailed through the docklands and headed to the river where I got very confused that there was not a bridge there which was CLEARLY showing on my map. Only for me to discover, it’s only a bloody tunnel. So I followed all the people disappearing into a little house and then walked under the Thames in a creepy tunnel and popped out a Greenwich. London has awesome secrets.

5 Temper date night. We had another date night before the Manor and that was at Temper! My sister had made me promise that we would visit Temper before she left London, so I, of course, booked us in. We went to the Soho branch where they have a giant open BBQ kitchen which is great to watch. All the food was great, especially the BBQ meat. But, let me tell you, I had the deep dish baked cookie for dessert and it was probs one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I want to go back. I could eat it 7000x over.

6 All the Poutine! I popped down to the Air Canada poutine pop up* on Wednesday and it was sooo good! If you don’t know, poutine is a very popular dish from Canada which involves chips covered in cheese curds and gravy. Well at the Poutinerie, they are mixing it up with 10 different combinations. My fave was a tie between the Montreal – which feature falling apart duck and comte cheese, and the Miami which was covered in chicken, avocado and the most delicious of sauces. Combined with frozen margaritas and everything is good. Be sure to pop down whilst it’s open until the 11th of November!

7 Great pals. I’ve seen quite a few pals lately and it’s been so nice. I’m so glad that I’ve (somehow!) managed to get the best bunch of London friends. I can’t wait for Winter evenings full of pubs and pals now that I have no holidays booked for aaaaages.

8 Trying new skincare. If you’ve been watching my Insta Stories, you’ll know I trekked down to Deciem in Covent Garden only for everything to be sold out. So I did some online shopping and bagged myself some new bits. My skin has been reeeeally problematic lately, it’s dry, it’s flaky, it’s oily, it’s spotty, it’s just generally really not happy. So I’m hoping some new products will cheer it up a little!

9 New embroidery. I picked up a sneaky little new embroidery, it’s a Christmas one so I’m hoping I can get my stitch on in the next month or so to get it done. I’m looooving the look of it so far!

10 Blog posts I’ve enjoyed lately:

  • Katy, Erica and Charlie have started their Japan posts from their recent #Japanarang trip and I am so obsessed and need a trip RIGHT NOW.
  • Looooved Becky’s post on ‘Why I’m fed up of lazy blogging‘ which links into what I’ve been yapping about in terms of blogging less.
  • Lauren Evie has been doing blogtober which I’ve loved, especially her post on ‘Support your sisters’
  • To be honest, I’ve been loving ALL of Jaye’s content lately, I can’t pick just one, just go have a binge read, okay?

Now over to you, what’s been making you smile lately?

*I was a guest at the Poutinerie but all poutine loving is my own!

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