10 Happy Things #53 Birthday Edition

November 23, 2017

It’s birthday month! Yaaaay! And it was actually my birthday! Despite the fact I’m getting old, I had a fabulous time and most of this will be a recap of that awesome week, though I did mention quite a bit in my giveaway post too.

We are now basically on the countdown to Christmas, I haven’t been toooo festive yet, but you can guarantee that first week of December, the tree will be going up! Onto the happy things…

1 It was my birthday! Had to put that at number 1 right? I got lots of lovely presents and got to see a load of my favourite people so it all worked out to make me very smiley.

2 Afternoon tea in Manchester with the Grandmas. I went up to Manchester for the weekend before my birthday to see the Grandparents. We decided to go out for afternoon tea for my birthday so booked in at the Manchester Town Hall. We had a great time, and I’m glad we went as the Town Hall is about to shut for 6 years (yes, 6 years!!). We also had a wander around the Christmas market which was good as it was their first day so not too busy!

3 My SEO challenge! My challenge has been running this week which has been rather exciting!! I’m really happy with how the emails look and hopefully all the content in them too. I’ve had loads of lovely feedback from you who are completing it too. I need to set up a landing page for it, but the idea is that soon, anyone can sign up and take the course at any time! Keep your eyes peeled.

4 3 days off work. I mean, need I say more? I used up some annual leave as my birthday was on a Wednesday and took 3 days off. It was nice to have some time off and actually stay in London rather than jetting off to Europe. I spent quite a bit of time at home and caught up on my massive to do list which is always helpful.

5 The Lush Spa. I finally went to the Lush spa! I got some vouchers for my birthday last year and I’m very ashamed that it took me a whole year to get myself booked in. (To my defence, it was a PAIN to book). But the treatment itself was loooovely. I went for the synaethesia treatment which was a 80 minutes full body massage but combined with sounds and smells and colours and lots of exciting things. I really enjoyed my time there and definitely want to go back to try some more of their treatments!

6 Homemade soup. I ate a lot over birthday week (and maybe drank a little too much too). So I’m trying to be a bit healthier in the week (obv healthy all the time is gonna be hard with the festive season!). I’ve been craving a nice vegetable soup and so just chucked one together at the weekend which was gorge. I basically boiled up a load of veges with stock and herbs and then blended with some creme fraiche. I want to make it every week now!

7 Gin with the kiwis. I met Emma and Rebecca for a gin in birthday week which was awesome. These two are just killing life at the moment so I always get all the inspiration from them!

8 Even more birthday celebrations. Yep, it continued even after my birthday post. I met Beckie for a prosecco on Friday which was lovely for a little catch up, and then went out for dinner with my friend to Skylon which was deeeeelish. I love finding new little gems to visit in London!

9 Paul! Of course, can’t mention birthday time without Paul! He always makes my birthdays so special and I appreciate it so much as obv my family couldn’t be there on the day. He bought me the best presents, took me out for the best meal and basically made me very happy all week long. He’s the best!

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