5 ways to read your favourite blogs (..that isn’t Bloglovin!)

November 14, 2017

I read looooooads of blogs. Like a lot. Like I just spent 2 hours reading blogs in a kind of procrastination before beginning to write this blog (whoops!). And as I love reading blogs so much, I have perfected the method of reading said blogs. Enter, 5 ways to read your favourite blogs.

I did a little poll on twitter to ask what you currently use to read blogs, bloglovin came out top, waaay above the other feed readers. And those of you that only read blogs through social is HUGE (so gonna be upping my scheduled tweets, soz). I think it can be quite difficult to find a good way of reading blogs.

When I started reading blogs, I used bloglovin, and don’t get me wrong, the platform itself is fine. There was that whole ‘canon copying blog posts’ drama, but I just found that I wasn’t enjoying using the platform much anymore. It is soo slow with the frame and seemed to always have weird ads and it just didn’t answer the blog reading question for me anymore.

So, if you are like I was, and a bit stuck for the best way to get reading, here are a few options to help organise your reading lists.

1 Feedly

I’m starting with the one I recommend the most, and the one I use aaaall the time now – Feedly! It’s basically an RSS reader (which is a techy term for something you put RSS feeds into – an RSS feed has all your blog posts in it). But it is really clean, it is quick and each to see what blog posts I haven’t read and organise the blogs I read in some sort of order.

To use it, you basically add each of the blogs you want to follow and you can add them specific lists. I have lists for blogs that I MUST READ and lists for ones I want to read when I have a bit more time, I have lists for ‘blogging tips’ kind of blogs, and lists for my blogging buds. You can use the lists individually or you can just see a ‘read all’ option.

To read the blogs, just click on them and they open in a new tab. If you don’t fancy it then click the little ‘x’ and it disappears from your feed. It just ticks all the boxes without any faff and I love it. The app is good too, though to be honest I don’t often read blogs on mobile so can’t say I’ve used it in anger. Get reading!

2 Bookmarks / Chrome alerts

Does anyone remember what a bookmark is?! I mean, I don’t really use a bookmark anymore. I guess it was an old school thing. But I do think that if you don’t want to use a specific ‘reader’ then just create a folder in your bookmarks and hey presto, it’s all there for you!

Only downside for this is that obv, you need to click into each blog to see if they have a new post. But this is a nice option if you don’t read blogs that often, so it’s likely new content will be there. Chrome also has now started launching notifications through the browser itself. So you can set these up and get a little ping when anything comes through.

3 Flipboard

If you want a fancy reader for your phone and you don’t often comment on blogs then flipboard is a good option. It’s mainly an app and you can add your fave blogs into different boards which you then can read by just flipping (swiping) through the different pages. I like this for bigger blogs that I just want to skim read whilst I’m commuting rather than anything a bit more in depth.

It’s a good one too if you want to combine your reading of blogs with reading of big publications too as they are all on here and it’s super easy to set them all up!

4¬†Flowreader¬†(I don’t know why so many of these begin with F?!)

When I asked the twittersphere, Holly recommended Flowreader and it sounds pretty spiffy! It works in a similar way to feedly but also gives you the easy to access options of including some of your social feeds too. You can pull in from your youtube feed or if you want to include someones specific tweets too. I haven’t tried it out in anger yet, but it looks like a handy little option if you want everything you want to consume on the internet in one place.

5 Organised twitter lists

And finally, I’ve included one which focuses on a social channel, as like I mentioned, so many people said they only read blogs from links on social feeds. You can easily set up a twitter list which groups the tweets from specific people whose blogs you want to read in one place.

Twitter moves sooo quickly that it can be hard to see the tweets from the bloggers you want to read. So set up a list, check it when you are ready for a blog reading sesh on your phone or desktop and voila, all the tweets which will direct you to their blog posts!

So there we have it, 5 ways to read your favourite blogs, hopefully this will give you some inspo for how to get blog reading! I do think that with so many blogs out there, it can be hard to really regularly read some blogs, and these are ideal ways to help keep up those awesome relationships.

How do you read blogs?

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