Stuff you should watch on TV this Winter

November 20, 2017

Now that I’ve been working in the cityyyy (well, technically the Wharf, but I can see the city from my desk, so that counts). I’ve not only had the joy of not having to travel like 700 nights of the year, I now get to spend my evenings (occasionally) AT HOME.

And this is quite the novelty, after 3 years on the road, being at home after work is loooovely. I get to spend more time with Paul but I also get to watch lots of TV – yessss!

So I’ve been watching a lot lately, utilising those Netflix and NowTV subscriptions. And, as it’s getting into cold hibernation season, I thought I’d yap about a few of the things I’ve been watching and enjoying.


Ohhh so good!! Netflix are doing so well with their own brand shows and this was a banger. It follows the FBI when they begin profiling Serial Killers in the 1970s and learning loads more about them. We know I love true crime, so this is a perfect addition.

It’s one you need to pay attention too – I managed to get through the whole season when I was suffering a stomach bug a few weeks ago. Also, the first episode is rubbish! Like really rubbish, definitely try at least 2 episodes before you decide whether it is for you or not.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness

I mean, I am a nerd and I do love Star Trek. And I’m reeeeally enjoying the new season. I’ve heard mixed reviews but I think it is a really entertaining watch and I love a good space battle. The episodes are pretty short and it moves along at a good pace. If you liked the movies then I think there is a good chance that you’ll enjoy the TV series too.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

I always need a few shows which don’t require a load of brain power and Skin Wars is exactly that! I mean, it’s hosted by Ru Paul so I 1000% had to watch it. It’s a reality TV show and focuses is on body paint.

I mean, who knew there was so much into body paint! I did not. Each episode is a separate set of contestants, so they aren’t sequential. But that’s quite nice as you don’t need to remember who anyone is. Some of the stuff they create is aaaamazing and it’s worth a watch if you need a wee bit of background TV.


I have this thing for cozy British TV. I don’t know why but shows like midsummer murders and Poirot just make me want to curl up in a big blanket and drink comforting tea. And another show to add to this list is Vera which is on NowTV.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I was REALLY into the Shetland series for ages. Well, once I finished reading all those books, I moved onto Ann Cleeves other series which was Vera. I read a couple of the books before moving onto the TV series. It basically is murder mysteries with the detective who is an older lady named Vera. It’s set in the North near Yorkshire and I love seeing a bit of the countryside.

If you’re a British murder mystery lover like me then this is one to give a watch on those cold Sunday evenings!

The Sinner

I mean, Netflix originals are just KILLING it. The Sinner is an 8 part drama centering around a normal woman who visits the beach and ends up killing a man sitting nearby for no apparent reason. It reveals more of the story in each episode and it is suuuper riveting.

I ended up watching it really quickly as I just needed to know what happened! And Jessica Biel in it and she is amazing. This is the perfect watch to get you through the 3 days in between Christmas and New Year when you don’t really want to move from the couch.


Nothing new here but I feel like Sherlock is a cozy weather kind of show right? I’ve decided to rewatch it all as some of the more recent ones went a wee bit over my head and now they are all on Netflix! I’ve watched a couple now and am rather enjoying the fact that I can’t remember what happens in them. Now, I just need to get reading the books.

Now, I’m seriously handing it over to you team, I’m gonna have a week in Manchester this Christmas and will definitely need a whole lot of TV to be watching. What have you been enjoying? Pleeeease leave me some suggestions!

If you need some more suggestions to keep you busy this Winter…

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