The ultimate list of resources to improve your Instagram

November 11, 2017

Woo! I’ve fiiiinally come to the end of all my Instagram posts so I thought it would be useful to do a little round-up. This isn’t just all of my posts but also a load of resources, reads, listens and tools which I think can help up your Insta game. It’s crazy to think that I am giving you all these tips, as I remember starting my blog and starting my social media accounts with little to no knowledge at all. From watching YouTube videos from some of my favourite influencers, buying Instagram likes, trying to blog consistently to even looking into auto-liker reviews on sites like to have more interaction with people online. I feel like I have come a long way and feel a lot more confident in sharing my tips with you guys! But before I get into that, I must tell you about the power of a simple link in bio first and foremost! I stumbled across and my goodness their services make it so easy to share all your social media content across a number of platforms.


So, what have we been chatting about Insta?

1 10 tools to improve your Instagram – there are some nifty little tools out there which really help you up your Insta game. Either by making it easier to plan your feed, monetising it a bit better, editing pics or backing everything up, there is a tool to make your Insta life a wee bit more smooth. Of course, our lives on Instagram can be made much easier by getting free instagram followers, which is something you may want to look into if you’re looking to gain more of a presence on Instagram.

2 What hashtags should you be using? If you’re stuck on hashtags and don’t really get what type of hashtags you should be looking out for then this is the post for you. All about big hashtags, little hashtags and some handy example lists.

3 5 things to know about Insta stories – now there is a whole new realm to insta – stories! Have a read all about the different things you can do and how to make the most of actually being ‘instant’ on Instagram.

Oh, and did you know before I rebranded, I did a few Insta posts too!

4 I tried out all those insta spammy tactics – and well, they worked. It was a little traumatic and a little confusing and hopefully gives you some insight into follow/unfollow techniques.

5 Why Instagram themes don’t work – now, I’m not sure I 100% still agree with this but I still don’t really have a theme and I think if you’re debating whether or not to theme your posts then this is a handy read to give you more information either way.

6 Ageees ago, I wrote a post about how I grew my Instagram 25% in one month. And to be honest, the screenshots in this are kinda funny as they are from sooo long ago but the techniques I used in that experiment are 100% still relevant today!

Now, onto the world outside of the blog.


There are a load of good podcasts, a lot of which do mention Instagram at some point in their episode list, I mention a lot of them in my 10 podcasts to motivate you for your blog / biz.

I want to specifically mention a few:

· Hashtag Authentic – Sara has an awesome website which also has a load of Insta content but her podcast is gold. Her early episodes focus on Instagram more than the newer ones which go a bit wider but they are all worth a listen if you need some insta motivation.

· Imperfection and Instagram with Allison Sadler – Courage and SpiceI looooved this podcast which talks about the #freeupmyinsta hashtag challenge and just makes you feel much better about the platform as a whole.

· How to create a more engaged Instagram audience – Soulful PR with Jan Murray – Jan has a smaller insta following but loooadsa tips for how to build a really engaged audience on the platform.

Other resources:

1 Alex Tooby has a load of great resources on her website, I also found her 7 day Instagram email challenge super interesting.

2 I recently did Kelsey Chapmans Gramathon which was chocked full of really interesting tips for Instagram and the different tools are available to you.

3 Finally, I pin all the handy instagram articles I find to my board ‘Instagram tips‘ so follow along there and if you need a boost on insta then have a scroll and see if any of the articles can help!

There we have it! A looooooad of resources to help you smash your Instagram goals! Where do you go to if you need some tips or inspo for Instagram?

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