10 Happy Things #54

December 6, 2017

December!! It’s come around just like that. I’ve spent the majority of the first 6 days being rather ill. I got a cold, I tried to power through the cold, it didn’t work so I felt worse and had to literally hibernate for 5 days. Whoops. I’m hoping that one will replace my annual Christmas cold though, cause that one is quite the pain!

But there’s been a load of lovely stuff even in between the deathly cold, so let’s get onto more positive things!

1 Our 4 year anniversary!! Woo smack bang in the middle of birthday and festive season is our anniversary! 4 whole years. Paul bought me some loooovely flowers. I bought a print with the wrong anniversary date on it (whoops!). We went out for dinner to The Harwood Arms –  lovely pub in Fulham and had an awesome Tuesday evening. He’s the best and I can’t wait for many more years ahead!

2 Hitting up South Pole Saloon with the gals. Before I got struck down by THE COLD. I met some of the Bangarang gals and we headed out to South Pole Saloon* in Brixton. It’s a fancy rooftop deal where you’re kinda outside but still under cover and with all the heaters. They have the best festive cocktails – I was quite the fan of all things cinnamon.

We took photos of all the Christmas trees and I ate the BIGGEST portion of mac and cheese topped with a heap of pancetta. It basically was an evening which put all my fave festive things together and I was very jolly and happy afterwards.

3 My gin advent calendar. As you may remember from my birthday, I am now opening my gin advent calendar!! It is SO GOOD. Like each day is a new tiny bottle of gin. Well, they are 50cL so not that tiny. Each bottle is a different brand or type and I just love opening the little doors. I haven’t tried any yet but I’m excited for all of the gin tasting. I’m opening each door on my Insta stories, so you know, get following over there!

4 A new Christmas jumper. To continue my Christmas tradition, I picked up a new Christmas jumper! It has grey Christmas trees on it and is quite muted but perfect for the run up to Christmas when the real bright jumpers get released. I wore it basically for 5 days when I was ill cause it was oh so warm and cozy.

5 Blog Audits for 2018. Ohhh I am thinking ahead to 2018! Which is terrifying. But I am opening up slots for blog audits in January. So if you want to kick the year off with an awesome start to your blog, then you know, check ’em out and drop me a line!

6 Powering through my embroidery. I’m doing a festive embroidery and am determined to finish it BEFORE Christmas. So I’m spending a large amount of my time frantically sewing. Can’t wait to show you it!

7 My Emma Inks Christmas cards! The babe that is Emma, has released her Christmas cards and I LOVE THEM. I scooped up a pack. You can grab your own here, there’s only a couple left though, so get on it. Even if they sell out, her birthday cards are really amazing too!

8 Local Etsy market. I managed to drag myself out of the house on Sunday and headed down to the Etsy Made Local market it Tooting. I’m really trying to do a lot more of local shopping in general, but especially at Christmas. So I headed down and bought a few Christmas pressies. I’m loving all the local gift guides being shared this year too – since starting my little biz, I realise just how important it is to support those close to you!

9 Belgo beertails. On Monday, I dropped into Belgo* to try out their new festive menu! They have a load of beer tails which even as a not big beer lover, were really good. The raspberry beer mojito was a firm fave. They have a load of new food on the menu too and I ate FAR too many dirty fries and bubble waffles. I mean, they mussels are my tooootal fave but now I may have to mix it up every time I go there!

10 Vlogs I’ve been enjoying: Thought I might mix it up this time and share some vlogs I’ve been enjoying rather than blogs, as it is vlogmas after all! So here are a few small youtubers I’ve been enjoying watching:

Phew, the next one of these will either be like RIGHT before Christmas or right after, so you know, bring on an exciting few weeks and all the festive celebrations!

What festive activities have you been up to?

*I was kindly invited down to try out all the food, but opinions are forever, my own! 

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