Behind the coaching biz: month 3

December 12, 2017

Month 3!! I’m happy to say I’m still enjoying this coaching stuff, even if it is pretty difficult at times. Well, time to get into the more exciting details…

Highlights of month 3

1 My sort your SEO challenge was a success! I was so happy with how my SEO challenge went (and is still going). I’ve had waaay more sign ups than I thought I would and got some lovely responses by email and on social media. Sadly, I had to turn away Law Firms that came to me asking to improve their SEO. Instead, I directed them towards a marketing agency for lawyers. I just felt that a marketing agency that specializes in Law would have a better understanding of the specifics that exist within the industry. SEO is super important for bloggers and businesses but it can be quite hard to do. Check out for some SEO help and advice if you’re struggling to rank on Google! You should never have to struggle alone. If you are are ever unsure about what you are doing, then this could damage your website’s reputation so it’s a good idea to use something like these SEO tips for your online store. If you own or are a part of a business yourself and you’re looking for SEO tips and in depth explanations on different components to SEO marketing, look at these Assisted Living Directories that can applied to many more business models than just assisted living facilities.

Not only did the challenge go down well, but I learnt a lot about newsletters and using mailchimp too so that I can branch out further into the whole email marketing thing. I’m planning many more in futures!

2 I hit some social media goals. I’ve been doing pretty well on the social media growth this last month. I’m assuming that it’s linked into my posts being shared a little more than usual and reaching a new audience through the SEO challenge. I’ve (almost) hit my end of year goals so fingers crossed the last couple of weeks of 2017 will be good to me!

3 I had some awesome coaching calls. I had more coaching calls this month than ever before! Coaching calls can sometimes be a little scary, especially beforehand but I always reeeeally enjoy them. My clients are always the best to talk to and the chats help me feel more motivated with my biz too!

Challenges of month 3

1 Sales slowed down and I didn’t get as many as I thought from my SEO challenge. Sales definitely slowed this month which is kinda what I expected as we are obv coming up to Christmas and the pennies are tighter. I think I put my expectations up a little more as I was hoping more would come in from the SEO challenge but not the case, as yet! I’m trying to not let it get me down and using the time to put more effort back into my free content and doing all the blog things which I enjoy! Here’s to a big push in the New Year!

2 Finding time to focus on the blog. Even though there has been less sales, there has also been less time as it’s been the busy run up to Christmas! I will always prioritise client work and it’s meant I’ve been feeling a little lacklustre with my blog posts. I’m hoping to really get back on top of it over the Christmas period and go into 2018 with a strong content plan!

What I’m going to focus on next month

1 Creating a new email challenge

I want to do another email challenge for the New Year. I’m debating a google analytics one, but tbh I really hate google analytics so maybe I can do it from a perspective of I ALSO HATE IT BUT IT’S SOMETIMES GOOD TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON. If there’s an email challenge you fancy then do drop me a note, ’cause I would love your opinions.

2 Creating a content plan, especially for January. The blog is feeling a bit all over the place in terms of content this month. I didn’t plan and barely had any scheduled so everything felt a little ‘last minute’. I want to do a proper content plan for things I want to chat about in 2018. I also really want to blog a LOT more in January (like my own form of late blogmas) so I need to get on this.

3 Work on my Instagram. I’m doing one of Me and Orlas ‘Gloom and Glow‘ course this month. I’m hoping it will give me a bit more inspiration when it comes to Instagram as it was feeling a little stale. I do love my feed but I’m very much in a set way of things which I should be sharing. So, fingers crossed this will help me mix things up!

4 Try and break into some other blogging communities. One of my big focuses for 2018 is going to be to try and expand my blogging bubble. I tend to be in the London / lifestyle bubble so I want to look at other niches and other forms of writing to see whats going on there and generally expand my network that way.

There we go, a kind of up and down type month but I’m good with that. I’m going to do some kind of year round up and goals for next year on the blog soon too, so keep an eye out for that!

Is there anything else you’d like to know about life behind the blog and biz?

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