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December 10, 2017

I wanna chat about Twittah for a minute, or well, a whole post, but you know what I mean. I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘twitter tips’ posts and I wanted to add my thoughts into the mix as well, I kinda disagree with some of them. So here’s my thoughts and then a few tips from me as to how to grow your twitter following. I’ll start by suggesting you enlist the support of a service like UseViral if you are after quick results!

I see a lot of posts which talk about Twitter and talk about a specific ‘strategy’ about how you should tweet. So you should be posting 2 questions a day and set content to your followers. You should be sharing 5 posts for every 2 of yours. You should be posting 7000x promo tweets a day which each use 70 hashtags and often repeat each other.

And I honestly don’t think Twitter works that well with a ‘strategy’. Instagram, I get it, you can have a ‘strategy’ as your feed sits there static all the time so you want to put some thought into how that actually looks. But twitter is aaaalways moving and growing. It’s hard to therefore post ‘static’ content.

I honestly think out of all the networks, on twitter you just have to be your genuine self. No ‘business’ bull, just yourself. You know tweet about stuff you like, reply to people with funny gifs, have little rants when someone steals your seat on the bus. JUST BE A REAL PERSON. Don’t be some ‘persona’. Every single person I know who grows a following on twitter does these things. They aren’t cardboard, they care. Influencer agencies (like this site) tend to to choose those who have a more authentic following as it’s more sustainable, so if this is your aim, re-think your strategy.

And that’s what it comes down to – you want to make proper twitter pals! The people on twitter are your pals, not some audience you need to hit in a weird specific way. And the key really is in the name in that it is SOCIAL MEDIA. SOCIAL. SO-CIAL. As in, talk to people. You can’t be on twitter and expect to grow if you only tweet out and you don’t communicate or try and grow a connection with other people.

So how can you do that? Well, here are some things you can try to help grow your twitter following

Don’t have too many promo tweets and bombard your feed

I knowwww that people say you need to promo tweets and I definitely agree. But PLEASE check how many you are doing compared to your other tweets. If you only do one no promo tweet a day then please don’t do 10 promos. It just makes your feed and profile look hugely unbalanced and it puts people off. If I click onto a profile and it’s just hundreds of promo tweets then it’s not one I will follow.

Look at how often you post and try and make your promo tweets half of that. So, I generally tweet about 5 times a day personal tweets, so I stick to 3 scheduled promo tweets on average (and then may RT them too). Just have a look at your feed and try and make it a little balanced.

Don’t leave twitter for days being inactive

Don’t let your twitter die a death. Okay, if you’re not focusing on it as part of which social media you want to grow, then fine. But again, if I click on a profile and it shows the majority of your tweets were from a month ago, then I’m not keen.

Also! If you use one of those ‘autotweet’ plugins, so something which chucks out tweets every few hours from your archive then you need to check this even more. If your entire feed is {ARCHIVE} posts then I’m not keen.

Reply to people

I know this sounds really basic but it surprises me by how many people just DO NOT interact with anyone on twitter. Seriously, people tweet, hit the reply button! Replying helps you get seen on other peoples feeds and you know, it builds actual connection with people. Do a test and reply to 10 people everyday for a week and I will guarantee that your twitter following will grow.

ALWAYS reply to people who engage with you, in whatever context

I don’t mind how big your twitter is, pleeeease respond to people who engage with you! I mean, a reply is the best but even ‘liking’ the tweet is better than nothing.

Keep up with hashtags and trends

Of course there are some hashtags which people often use on their promo tweets and they do work quite well. However, you should also keep an eye out on any ‘trending’ hashtags and use them. Often there are ones like #nationginandtonicday and you know what, get involved on there! You’re hitting a whole new niche of people which you haven’t had before.

Same if you’re watching something or doing something with a hashtag – get tagging! I think bloggers can get into the rut of #lbloggers hashtag constantly. But the whole thing is trying to get your tweets out of your immediate bubble and towards other people.

Try and write funny, relatable stuff, which you can do if you stop overthinking it

And the hardest bit is then just trying to write content which is good! The best things which do well on twitter are honest tweets about something that is relatable in your day to day life. And don’t put too much thought into them, my best tweets are ones which pop into my head whilst I’m doing normal things that I don’t stress too much about. Try and think of turning your tweets around so instead of being like ‘oh I did this…’ turn it into ‘oh don’t you love it when xxxx happens?!’ so that the tweets apply a little bit more to your audience.

Don’t overthink it. The good thing about this approach is that if a tweet gets a reasonable amount of ‘likes’ and it only needs to be like 10+ then you start to appear on other peoples feeds as a ‘so and so has liked this tweet’ content. Makes it a nice and simple way for you to grow your twitter.

Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too obvious advice, but when it comes to twitter I don’t think there are any secret tips to giant growth, just consistent and thoughtful use of the platform.

What are your thoughts when it comes to Twitter?

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