Reflections on 2017: Life edition

December 18, 2017

Well, we’ve chatted holidays (which is clearly the most important reflection of the year). But I thought it would be interesting to have a little round up of the other exciting things which happened this year.

Overall, 2017 has been an awesome year and it’s when I write posts like this that I feel so grateful for having such great friends and family. Here’s to hoping that it all continues into 2018!

I finished studying for my finance certificate

It feels so long ago now, but I was actually still studying for the first chunk of this year! I decided last year to start studying a finance certificate to get a bit more knowledge in an area I was lacking. I didn’t realise however that studying whilst working full time and blogging is SO HARD.

Like really hard. And so to actually finish and pass all 4 papers made me so happy. I remember walking out of the final exam and being convinced I’d failed, but luckily that pass mark came through. I’ve decided not to continue on with the next certificates as I think the basic one is enough to really help at work. Plus, I definitely need a couple of years off studying now!

I got a new job!

After 3 years of Consulting and living life off the road, I decided it was time to actually go home! I looooved my last job, the people were great and I loved the clients. But I just couldn’t deal with the travel anymore. Being away from home 3+ nights a week and never being able to plan anything was getting way too old.

So I got a new job in July and am loving it! It’s interesting now being in the house and I’m getting experience in areas I really wanted to focus in on more. Plus, I can actually have a life now – it’s still a novelty being home all week. Having all that extra time has really made me value time with my friends more, plus it’s a lot easier to get up to Manchester now too. It was a hard decision this year, but definitely the right one! I’m enjoying having a more “normal” life. I say normal, but what I think I mean is simple – less rushing around and more doing the things that my friends are doing. I can think about getting my own place now, possibly renting somewhere, and settling down. Said Martin Dasko of that renters insurance can help to make renting less stressful and more of a secure investment, so I’m definitely thinking about finding a place to call my own.

I started my coaching work

Of course, the other big change this year was taking the little blog in a slightly new direction and to begin coaching! I couldn’t be happier with the little biz I’m creating. I’ve working with some aaamazing bloggers and it’s been such an experience to launch and run my own little creation. I’ve been writing here on Jasmin Charlotte for SO long and it felt like a natural progression to bring all the things I enjoy together.

4 years with Paul

4 years!! Can’t believe it, but of course, another highlight of this year was another great year with Paul! He is literally the best and I wouldn’t be anywhere without his fabulous support every step of the way. I can’t wait for another awesome year together in 2018.

I learnt embroidery

I’ve been through different phases of embroidery, knitting and crochet, but this year I decided to turn my crafty hand onto something new – embroidery! I always thought it looked SO hard but it really isn’t and I’ve been so happy with how they have turned out. So much so that I have actually kept my first two creations to myself as I love them so much! I want to keep doing these next year and maybe even start designing some of the patterns myself!

I had lots of fab holidays

I mean… it was another epic year of travel. Check out my reflections on 2017 travel edition for aaaall of the holiday pics from this year.

I fell back in love with London

As it comes up to my 5th year in London, it’s been an up and down journey over the years! As I spent the majority of the 3 years I was consultant not in London, I kinda ended up with all the bad bits and none of the exciting bits. So being back and working in the city has made me fall right back in love with this giant town. I love all the things that are going on, the restaurants, the people, the feeling – yes, I may have a horrendous commute every once in a while, but to be honest, it’s worth it to be here.

Aw, this has been THE BEST post to write! I highly recommend also having a little look back on your year and picking out the big and the little things which really made you smile. It does wonders for the soul.

What has been your 2017 highlight?

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