A week in the life of – blogging edition

December 3, 2017

I’ve been chatting to some bloggers and pals lately, and what repeatedly came up is ‘how do people fit everything in?!’ and well, I don’t really know the answer. So I thought a little experiment was in order, for the last week, I’ve been writing down whenever I do work for the blog or biz.

I think there is a misconception that bloggers are writing and producing content aaaall the time, and I know in my case that is definitely not the case. So here, we go, a week in my life – including all the blogging and life bits thrown in there too.

Where am I starting from?

I’m going to do this from Monday-Sunday so I thought on the proceeding Sunday night, I’d tap down and note where I’m at before the week starts. So, what have I got planned? Well, I’ve got 1 blog post scheduled (my TV post you will have read) and I ideally post twice a week. I haven’t had many ‘blogging’ posts go up lately so I really need to write one this week.

On the coaching side, I have one blog audit which needs a proof read, and one blog audit which I haven’t started yet. I’m also starting my SEO challenge on the Monday. All the content is written and scheduled but who knows what may pop out during the week (and fingers crossed it works and I don’t have to get in touch with any seo services because I’ve happened to do something wrong!!)

On the social side, I have noooothing scheduled. Nothing at all. I have some instagram snaps sitting in my Mosaico but that’s about it.

Right, on with the week.


Moooonday! I always try and have Mondays as a bit of a chilled one. I scheduled a few tweets on the train into work (the portion which was above ground). I generally do about 3 promo tweets a day as that’s a good balance with my non scheduled tweets.

I do nothing at lunch, ’cause I’m tired. I reply to a couple of SEO emails from you lovely people.

Evening is gonna be a productive one! I sit and complete my first blog audit and send it off to my client. I then draft my second blog audit which is due. I try and do my coaching over two days as I find I need to check everything when I’ve had a little time away. When I spend too long on something then I no longer see any mistakes!

I also have a sponsored blog post due, so I have a think about that and draft the headings. This will make it easier when I finally have time to sit down and write.


Again, another quiet night on Tuesday so I needed to use the day to be properly productive! I posted an Instagram on the way to work. I find posting in the morning is generally the best time of day for me to get reasonable engagement.

Luuuunch time I meet Leanne for some pizza which was lovely. I always love when people manage to get over to the Wharf for lunch.

Evening was a productive one! I finished my second blog audit and got that sent off. I also wrote a blog post and scheduled that for the week ahead. I replied to the SEO emails I had and did a few Pinterest group threads in some of the blogging facebook groups I’m in. Now, with the blogging scheduled it takes a bit of pressure off for the rest of the week ahead!


I do nothing on the train in. I’m listening to The Butterfly Effect podcast and that kept me busy, plus the train was reeeeally busy so there wasn’t much room to be doing much of anything.

I did manage to have a productive lunch though and hand wrote my blogging predictions in my notebook. My personal posts I tend to sit down and type, but I find it easier to hand write my blogging / techy posts. For those they need a bit more structure and thought rather than a more stream of consciousness. It means when I type up my handwritten notes I can check to make sure it all makes sense!

One of my pals was over from NZ, so we headed out for dinner in the city in the evening. I then came home and baked pumpkin pie, so my evening ended up being rather busy!


Not gonna lie, barely did anything bloggy related today. I posted an instagram on the train and that’s about it. We went out for a Thanksgiving dinner in the evening which was awesome. And everyone loved my pumpkin pie so I was a happy chappy!


Again, not a bloggy kind of day, which is okay with me! It was the final day of my 5 day SEO challenge so I replied to a few emails which I received. I then went out in the evening to see my blogging bangarang gals.

We went to South Pole Saloon in Brixton which was fab. And, ’cause we are all bloggers the evening was full of Insta stories and looooads of Instagram chat. Always helps me to give me a bit of inspiration when you can properly bounce ideas off each other.


Now, it was time to get to work! I finally did some exercise which I had been neglecting through the week. I then spent the morning fighting with Mailchimp so that in future, people can sign up directly to my SEO challenge and get the emails straight away! I had messed up my lists a bit so some people hadn’t received the start of the workflow so I faffed about moving people around and finally got it all sorted.

It was then blog post writing afternoon! I generally do most of my blog writing in one chunk. I wrote most of this post (other than Sunday obv) and finished one other. I wanted to get a bit more done but ended up in a blog and reddit reading hole. I want to try and get super organised this week so I’m scheduled up until Christmas, as I have big plans for the new year which I need to get a start on!

In the evening we headed to the pub down the road to see some friends who have come back off holiday. Lots of wine and lots of good food so I was very happy.


Suuunday! This was a mixed bag day. I met Erica for brunch and we took some Insta photos, plus I walked to and from Clapham so I managed to take a few snaps which I can post in the week ahead.

Once I got home, I did some random tasks that I could do in front of the TV, scheduled some tweets, posted to Insta, did some Pinterest scheduling etc. I then finally wrote a couple more blog posts which take me into December.

Phew, this ended up being a really chunky post but I enjoyed writing it! I hope that it gives you a little insight as to how much time I’m really spending working on the blog. I’d love to hear about what your week looks like, drop me a comment and let me know!

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