10 Happy Things #56

January 17, 2018

Oops, it was accidentally ages since I wrote one of these. So hey, WELCOME TO THE FIRST HAPPY THINGS OF 2018! Woop! I’ve already chatted a little about how I want to approach this year with my word of ‘slow’ and you’ll be happy to hear that I am totally sticking to that so far.

I’ve been struck down a little with the January blues. I think I miss the sunshine and it’s just that time of year, right? But I’m trying not to stew too much, so lets chat about happy things that have happened in the last month!

1 Having a lovely relaxing Christmas. We had Christmas! Do you remember that? It feels as though it was about 6 months ago. But nope, it happened. I had a lovely relaxing time up in Manchester, we went to the theatre at the Royal Exchange, I did a giant jigsaw, I watched a lot of Christmas murder mystery TV. I popped to Paul’s parents too which was loooovely and then managed to fit in a good few days of pottering around the house and starting to feel pretty good about the new year.

2 Friends being on Netflix! I mean if this wasn’t the highlight of 2018 thus far, then what was! I’ve been wanting to rewatch friends for aaaages. I do have all the DVDs but they are on the other side of the world so it was awesome when it was released on Netflix. I’ve been binge watching all month (so happy there are like 7000 episodes). I’ve been watching Girls on NowTV too which I’ve been enjoying.

3 Going out for lots of woodland wanders. It’s been one of my goals and I’ve so far been good at it! I’ve been heading out for lots of woodland wanders. We are SO CLOSE to a load of commons and parks. It’s been lovely and I hope we can keep it up. These little walks have made me think of how amazing it’d be to own your own woodland area, and this is definitely a huge dream of mine. You can actually have a look at woodland for sale over on somewhere like https://www.tilhill.com/property-for-sale/ and it may be a good idea to check this site out if you’re interested in an investment of this nature.

4 All of the sewing. If you’ve been following my Insta then you’ll know that I’m on a sewing mission at the moment! I love that I can whip up embroideries relatively quick. And with all the TV that I’ve been watching, it’s been a lovely accompaniment. I’ve got a whole post on it coming up!

5 Doing lots of cooking. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately! Lots of soups, stews and even a few new recipes thrown in there too. I’ve managed my first few cooking challenge and it’s been nice to try some new techniques!

6 Visiting Petersham Nurseries. I’ve been meaning to go to Petersham nurseries for aaaages. It always looks dreamy, plus I love a garden centre. We drove out to Richmond, took a little wander and looked at all the dreamy greenhouses. We popped into the teahouse for a snack but I definitely want to go back to their restaurant in the summer! You can spend a long time pottering around a garden center and come away with some nice items too – it makes for a good day out!

7 Lots of yoga. I’m so far keeping up my little 30 days of yoga practice! I’m a couple days behind so that I can do the practice at anytime of the day. I’m enjoying seeing my practice improve and not feeling super guilty about exercise.

8 Heading out to Kew. I’ve been meaning to go out to Kew for aaaages. It’s been awhile. I always thought it was really far away, but no, actually it’s about a 25 minute drive. I clearly need to go more often! I met up with Erica and Katy and we had a wander around the gardens and saw the new dried flower exhibition which was lovely. The palm house is still my fave though.

9 Ginuary. If you remember the epic advent calendar of December, well then you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve finally cracked into the gin! I’ve been trying some of the flavoured ones, Opihr gin which is spiced was a highlight, I also liked Martin Millers and the Edinburgh gin rhubarb liqueur. I may have also bought a bottle of Kew gin which is LOVELY.

10 Blogs I’ve been enjoying reading:

There we have it, now tell me, what’s been making you happy lately?

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