10 techy tasks you should do for your blog ASAP

January 14, 2018

The techy side of any website can be a hard one. I know a lot of people who get a company that offers wordpress web design Perth to do everything for them then just keep on top of the maintenance which is much easier than trying it all themselves. But it is possible to do it yourself if you’ve got the time on your hands. I thought it would be useful to list 10 techy tasks you should do for your blog to get your started. Some of these are simple, some a little more tricky but they are all 100% do-able by any blogger with any amount of technical background!

The joy of tech is that there is just SO much content out there to help you – forums, tutorials, videos, you name it. Trust me, I know a lot of people in tech and lot of working in tech is doing strategic googling. So I’ll list things below and if you do get stuck, then get googling! Or you know, drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

10 techy tasks you should do for your blog

All blogs (regardless of hosted or self hosted)

Change your passwords. I can GUARANTEE that your passwords probably aren’t as good as you hope they are. We are so useless with password management but seriously, there have been SO many hacks lately, so please change your passwords! Go round each of your channels, mix up something new and turn on 2 factor verification when you can. I mean, none of us want our blog to be hacked and it’s far too common.

this oneIf you struggle with passwords, I highly recommend getting a password manager. I have one on my phone and it helps me keep on top of everything, and means that I can use a variety of different passwords for different sites (I use for reference, but just search on the app store and you’ll get loads of options). It’s a must now that logging in has become even more complicated with the rise of two factor authentication, which you can read more about here.

Back up your site. Another easy but essential one – take a back up of your site. If your blog does get hacked or if you have any kind of techy issue (and we’ve all heard horror stories of hosts just failing and losing everything hosted on it), so just back it up! The files are usually small, pop it on your hard drive and then don’t feel too stressed about it.

If you’re on wordpress then here is a handy guide to back up, and if you’re on blogger then give this one a go. If you are self hosted then your host will likely back you up anyway, so familiarise yourself with where that is held.

Sort out your meta tags. If you’ve followed my SEO challenge then you know ALL about meta tags. If you don’t then you should sign up and find out (heh). But make sure you get them sorted. It will really help with directing traffic to your site from search engines. This also helps boost your on page SEO, and can then be used to format your site for the future to ensure you keep it simple and clean. These little tips over time can really add up to some good search results. You need to do it per post and for your blog as a whole. If you struggle with SEO, check out this Vietnam SEO service GTV for some professional help and advice!

Get your domains in order. There’s only so many times I can say to GET YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Please! If you do anything I ask, make this the one thing. It’s so important for you. If you have your own domain then awesome! Give it a check to make sure it redirects properly – if you type in your blog name with the ‘www’ does it show the same site? What about without the ‘www’? Sort your DNS settings if you have any problems.

It’s also cheaper if you renew your domains well in advance, so have a look and see when yours is expiring and if you can get a better deal by renewing it now!

Get google analytics sorted. I mean, it doesn’t HAVE to be google analytics, but just try and get your stats set up so that you can see how you’re blog is performing. If you use wordpress I do highly recommend jetpack stats which are SO easy to use.

Have a categories and tags audit. When was the last time you looked at your categories? Are they all still relevant or could some of them really do with a clear out? Get rid of the ones you don’t use anymore and add some new ones in. Categories are so important to ensuring your blog is easy to navigate which is what google like, so make sure you have a good clear out.

Do a link audit. You would not believe the amount of people who have broken links on their homepage. Go onto your homepage and click every single one of your links to your social networks, to your static pages and just any and every link! Check they all go to the right place and update them if you need to. If you want to be super thorough then you could use a broken link checker to go through ALL the links on your blog and clear them out (that may still be on my own to do list to do….).

Self hosted wordpress

Check your SSL certificates. K this is probably one of the more techy posts but really important. Google now is penalising blogs which do not have SSL certificates and most domains do not have SSL built it. Good news is that they are normally free with your currently hosting, bad news is that you need to set it up. It totally depends on your host as to how easy it is, I’m with go daddy and all I had to do was verify I was the domain name holder through my email address.

You’ll notice that now as you’re reading this, there is a little ‘secure’ and padlock in the URL bar which shows as green. If you don’t have an SSL then it will say ‘not secure’. It’s definitely worth getting it set up so that google loves you again.

Update your plugins and wordpress software. I mean… I currently have a big red 7 to the left of me. But as soon as I finish this post I am going to update ALL of the plugins and your wordpress software. Often your host will update your wordpress for you, but just in case, give it a check. Update your plug ins as they often go out of support and they are often a real security problem for your blog.

Add in some plugins to help improve your site – such as site speed and SEO.

There we go! I hope those are all ‘doable’ techy tasks without getting TOO much into the techy side of your blog. Kick of 2018 knowing that your blog is set up, working and secure and you know you’re heading into the year on a good foot. Give me a shout if you have any questions!

Are you up to date with all these techy tasks? Which ones do you need to do?

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