My 2018 Travel Plans

January 7, 2018

With the theme of the year being slow, well I think most of my travel plans align to that – though there may be a few hectic trips thrown in there! It’s odd as I find myself in the first week of January with basically my first half of the year travel planned.

I have a few ideas for the second 6 months of the year, but I’m leaving it a little open. So, some of these trips are properly planned and some are still dreams in the making! Here’s what I’m thinking for travel in 2018:

Places which are (mostly) planned:

Paphos, Cyprus

My first trip will be in the beginning of February (so soon!) to Cyprus with the Banagarang gals! I’m very excited for my first proper girls trip in ages. Plus, we’ve all been so busy so it will be loooovely to actually hang out with everyone in a villa for 4 days.

It’s gonna be a bit chilly so not sure what are plans are as yet, but I’m excited to explore a new country (which will be the big number 30!!). If you’ve been and have some recommends for us then throw them our way!

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Then, just a few weeks later, we will be heading to the Canaries at the beginning of March! Gran Canaria was one of my faveee trips so I’m very excited to head back to a new island. This is another gals trip, though with a different set of pals so more relaxing and spending time catching up will be so welcome. I’m hoping between these two trips, I’ll get a bit of sun in the long, long Winter!

New Zealand (and probs Malaysia)

It’s been FAR too long since I was back in NZ. As the parents live in Aus now, I’ve ventured to Aus a couple of times but not found the time to do the jump to NZ. So this time, I’m skipping Aus and going straight to NZ! We are thinking May, which will be average weather but tbh, NZ weather is always rather touch and go, so I’m sure it will be fine.

To make up for the whole not going to Aus thing, I’ve convinced the whole fam to come and meet us somewhere on the way. Initially we thought Bali, but we are now thinking Malaysia! Especially as it’s SO easy to try and fly via Singapore. So hopefully this trip will be 10 days in Malaysia then 10 days in NZ (doing a loop through Christchurch and up to Wellington). I’m excited for another big trip to the other side of the world!

Rome, Italy

Last year, my dad headed over to Geneva for a work trip and we popped to see him. Well it looks like he will be doing the same thing this year, but to Rome in July! I haven’t been to Italy since I was a child so I’m looking forward to going back. I’ve not really scoped this one out yet, so it may be a long weekend, or (if we have any leave left after all the other trips!!) we may do a bit longer. I hope we can extend the break as I have been looking at this travel rome guide and there are just so many places that I want to see before we leave. I would especially like to do this without feeling rushed so I can really take it all in.

Places I’m dreaming of:

Scotland + Shetland

I am still determined to go to Shetland!! I really want to make that a reality this year but we will see with the packed schedule. If we don’t get to Shetland then I’d love a little break in Scotland, somewhere a little more accessible! Even just a sneaky weekend in Edinburgh would be dreamy.


Yep, I may pop back to Portugal for a 5th trip. But I love it! I just need to convince some people in my family that it is a good idea first. Watch this space!

Riga, Latvia

If Portugal / Shetland don’t happen then I think I’ll book a little trip to Riga! I’ve only heard good things and I haven’t done a traditional city break in ages. So this may be a nice option for October to get through the lull from the big NZ trip to Christmas. (That said, no idea what’s happening for Christmas so we will just have to wait and see!).

More of the UK

I was a bit lax on UK travel in 2017, so I’d like to do some more UK trips in 2018. This will probably take shape more in terms of day trips and maybe the odd one night stay, but I’d love to get to tick off more of the country!

So I think I’ve got a good bunch of trips coming up! I’m very excited to go to a few new countries and revisit a few that I love so much.

Where are you thinking of heading to in 2018?

(Shots in this post all from the Algarve in Portugal, cause obv I don’t have any pics of these places yet!!)

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