Behind the coaching biz: Month 4

January 28, 2018

I was almost tempted not to post this month, as you can tell with my recent intentions post, my motivation for anything has been ALL over the place lately! But I do know that I want to keep coaching, I’ve just been trying to figure out how to fit everything in that I want to do, without feeling overloaded or guilty. Harder than you think!

Highlights of month 4

– Several sales despite not advertising or having something exciting running. I’ve been pleased with January as I’ve had quite a few new sales or leads. It’s been a month where I haven’t actively been advertising – the occasional tweet or insta story but that’s been it. So it’s great that word of mouth is starting, most people who came to me this month had a direct recommendation from someone else!

– Focussing on Instagram. I’ve been spending a loot of time on Insta this month. Which is different for me but very much enjoyable! I hit 3000 just before Christmas and gained 400 followers in January. I know that numbers aren’t everything but it’s been nice to really mix things up over there and get such a lovely response. (My twitter on the other hand is going down, down, down!!

– Building up a page of recommends. By this, I mean I’ve been lucky enough that some of my clients or even people who have enjoyed my free content have been writing about me in their blog or emails. I finally got around to collating all these together. Eventually I’ll pop them up on a page in the blog, but it was so nice to read lots of lovely feedback!

Challenges of month

– Finding the balance on the blog. I do enjoy writing bloggy / techy posts on the blog but only when I feel like I have real value to share. I don’t want to write filler posts about things that you already know how to do. I was happy with my 10 techy tasks to do for your blog post but to be honest, that’s all I felt like writing about. So this month has been very travel / lifestyle heavy. Which you know, is fine, but I would like to be producing a bit more content.

– Figuring out the best way of promotion. I find the self-promotion for my services really hard. I don’t want to be spammy, I don’t want to promise the world, I don’t want to create fake hype. It’s something that I’ve been reading a lot in Sas Pethericks emails lately about marketing with integrity. I need to figure out the best way to put myself out there and really share the value I bring, without making me feel icky or super self promotion-y… Not sure if that made any sense but I will figure it out!

What I’m going to focus on this month

February is gonna be buuuusy. So I’d quite like a quieter month before then trying to come back with more of a BANG in March / April. That said…

– Finish my Pinterest series. I’ve currently written 3.5 days out of 5 for my Pinterest series. I’m actually really excited about it. I’m literally putting in EVERYTHING I know about Pinterest and how to use it for your blog. So keep your eyes peeled for that

– Write a couple of bloggy / techy posts. Maybe the Pinterest email writing is what’s put me off the blog writing but I would like to make sure I get a couple of really high value posts out there.

– Continue on Instagram (and figure out wtf I’m doing with Twitter). I’m still love Insta and want to keep up that love through Feb. I want to try and expand my creativity over there. I also really need to figure out twitter. I’d like to find a way of using it which doesn’t make me feel icky or anxious but I haven’t got that sorted yet…

I actually had more than I thought to chat about! What are you focussing on for your blog this month?

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