My intentions for 2018

January 2, 2018

Not gonna lie, the end of my 2017 was a flickering between ‘I AM GONNA KILL IT’ and ‘I’m going to quit the internet’. I mean, I feel sorry for my internet pals who in the few days since I last saw them, my mind shifted 360 degrees.

‘Cause really, I was gonna quit the internet. I deleted everything off my phone (except Insta, cause for once it’s bringing me some joy). Facebook gone, twitter gone, pinterest gone, any scheduling or analytics apps gone, I logged out of my blog email account. I was totally serious about it.

And then you know, I felt conflicted. I’ve spent yeeeears. Literal years building up this blog and social and all this stuff and it’s something I’ve very much enjoyed. Was I really ready to give it all up? I knew I didn’t want to give up the coaching side but was it all too interlinked?!¬†Well, here come my intentions for 2018…

First, I decided to go against specific ‘goals’ though there are some little bits I want to achieve through the year right at the bottom. And go for the whole ‘word’ thing. As in, one word which I want to live by in 2018. And summing up this little rant to this point, my word for 2018 is going to be…


Yep. When I told Paul, he was like, that was not what I was expecting. And to be honest, me neither. A month ago I had been thinking of a word along the lines of COURAGE, or EXPLORE. But no, it’s time for slow.

If you know me in the real world (of if you read my recent week in the life of), you will know that I am ALWAYS BUSY. And to be honest, I generally enjoy being busy. But somehow, over the years, busy has turned into TOO busy. Like the kind of busy where nothing is sustainable and I spent half my time wishing I was doing something else.

The blog was taking over my life. I wanted to be working on it ALL THE TIME. Because I had expectations that I should be blogging all the time and getting 100,000+ views all the time and all the other crap which had got into my head.

So it’s time. To slow it down. I’m not quitting the blog but I am quitting stats. I’ve taken my tracking code out as I know that’s the only way I’ll stick to it. I’m cutting seriously down on Pinterest and Twitter as they both felt more like a chore than a joy. So what do I mean by slow? Well…

  • I want to have weekends where I potter about and decide what to do that day in the sleepy hours where I’m waking up.
  • I want to do more yoga and not feel guilty that the time I’m doing yoga should be spent doing more ‘worthwhile’ exercise.
  • I want to redefine my relationship with food and spend time cooking and preparing, rather than rushing through it as quickly as possible as I’ve got work to do.
  • I want to take pictures and go for wanders. I want to cycle down the river and meander through Richmond Park (of which I did exactly 0 times this year…).
  • I want to craft and create with my hands more. I’ve been loving my embroidery lately.
  • I want to coach and work with other super skilled bloggers to help them grow and flourish in the new year.

All of the above, means I need to slow it down. And that’s what’s gonna happen. Less plans, less stress and hopefully more brain space to really focus on the things which I love the most. I know that in the future I’ll have years (like 2017) where I really strive. But I honestly, don’t think that you can do that every year. Everything has seasons, and now it’s time for a season of rest, and one which I will not be feeling guilty about!

Along with all of the above, a few of the little goals I want to do this year include:

  • Visit a couple of new countries
  • Complete the 52 weeks of cooking over on Reddit (basically one new dish a week!), I’m hoping this will link in with another goal of actually using my cookbooks…
  • Complete 30 days of yoga this January with Yoga with Adriene

So what do you think about slowing down? What do you think is going to be your word for 2018? (I really enjoyed Susannah Conways Find your Word if you need a little help and inspiration).

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