My new fave hobby: embroidery

January 21, 2018

Finding a new hobby is a funny one, it takes a real effort to actually go out and learn something. And it becomes even harder when you have a blog (which is kinda, technically a hobby) as it takes up so much time!

Over the years I’ve always dabbled in the sewing and haberdashery world. I’m USELESS at any kind of art, I can’t draw, paint or sculpt. But I’ve always found a bit more joy in thread, wool and fabric. I like being able to create something which is tangible, which you can hold and actually physically give something.

I started off with cross stitch. Which I always enjoyed as a little hobby, it’s rather therapeutic in terms of crossing off a pattern and doing lots of similar stitches. I did some more traditional ones and tried some different patterns and more modern styles.

To mix it up, I branched out into crochet at first, making covers, eye masks and getting into amigurami. I tried knitting and made a few bits and pieces but I seem to love a hook more than two needles in terms of being able to create anything.

I’ve always seen embroidery and always loooved it. I love looking at free embroidery designs to see what my new project should be. It looks amazing, and when it became quite fashionable, I bought loads of clothes with bits on it. After years of doing cross stitch, I couldn’t figure out how to actually do it – surely it was so hard to bring a pattern to life on fabric?!

But then I saw someone on social media, doing an embroidery from a kit! And I finally actually looked into how it all works, and suddenly it made so much sense. You put the pattern onto the fabric and then sew on top of it – the total opposite of cross stitch! So I picked up a couple of kits from Oh Sew Bootiful and got my sewing hat on.

Embroidery is basically a set of loads of different types of stitches. From really basic ones like backstitch (where you just sew in a line), to satin stitch (where you feel in a shape), to more complicated stitches like wheels, chain and french knots. When you get a kit, they often print the pattern directly on the fabric, so you can then just fill in the gaps and match the colours to your floss.

I think the joy I found in embroidery was the fact that it can come together so quickly. I could knock out a very basic piece in a few hours, or they would take me at most a month for one a little bigger. Not to mention the amazing embroidery designs I come across every day. When I was doing cross stitch, I think I was averaging about a year for each piece!

The other thing with cross stitch was then that I couldn’t ever do my own designs, because that is haaaard. So after the first two embroidery from a kit, I decided it was time to do my own! That basically now involves getting all of the supplies, drawing out a pattern, copying it onto fabric and then deciding on the colours and stitches to complete it.

I’ve done three so far, a very basic 2018 one as a starter, this one was really speedy as it was a baby hoop and had some really basic stitches into it.

Design number two was a bit bigger, I wanted to practice some of the bigger flowers and loved the quote to pop in the centre. I also learnt the stitch with the round flowers to add into it.

Finally, I did a pattern in the shape of the ‘J’. This is my fave so far, probably because of the colour scheme and I love that it makes a shape. The results are great! I’m already planning the next project, maybe some needlepoint belts or something similar?

I’ve now started experimenting a bit with trying to do the design on the computer – I’m hoping this will help the flowers be a little more even. It can hopefully mean I can do some nicer fonts too, as I find it too hard to do the calligraphy style lettering by hand. It also mens I can redo designs as well rather than really only being able to do them once. Watch this space! You can embroider using a machine too which I’d like to try when I start experimenting on clothing. I might need a sewing machine for heavy duty sewing as I love thicker fabrics, but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find such a thing. I can’t wait to start all these new projects.

So there we go, a new little hobby addition to my life for 2018. If you like my embroidery then be sure to follow me on instagram as I’ve been posting my new pieces there, along with some behind the scenes on stories as I make each piece.

Have you got a new hobby? Have you ever tried embroidery?

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