10 Happy Things #57

February 15, 2018

Oops, it’s been awhile since one of these, life has been busy, I’ve been on holssss and then of course, got horribly ill. But things will soon be a little quieter, especially once we hit mid March (maybe, probs not..!).

I always find this part of the year goes both super quickly (I bet in a second it will be May) but also painfully slow (January was about 700 days long). I’m trying to pack more lovely stuff into this bit of the year as I think it can be a bit blue otherwise. Anyways, onto happy bits from the last few weeks…

1 I went to Cyprus! I piled onto a plane with 7 other fabulous gals and headed to Cyprus for a long weekend. The weather didn’t really behave (story of my life) but it was just awesome to get out of the country and spend lots of time with these wonderful ladies. More on this trip in another post coming soon!

2 Flying successfully. I was DREADING the flight to Cyprus, it is quite a long flight 4-5 hours. Combine that with the fact that I hadn’t flown at all since October, and I was a bundle of nerves! Luckily, it all went well, I had some gin and that helped significantly and it was just nice. I always find that if I have a pleasant flight then it makes me dread the next one less (which is good as I’m off to the Canaries in 3 weeks!).

3 Booking and sorting holidays. I realised that I think I put this on twitter but not much else, we’ve booked the big holiday! Yes, the flights are finally sorted for Malaysia and New Zealand in May. I’m SUPER excited. We’ve planned and booked Malaysia but I still need to get NZ sorted. 3 whole weeks off and I cannot wait!

4 Buying leaves. I bought some leaves! I realise that’s a bit odd but I love leaves and I went to a florist and bought some big giant palms and eucalyptus. They last longer than flowers and the smell of Eucalyptus reminds me of my parents house in Australia so it’s just all nice really. I recommend buying some leaves.

5 Visiting Bletchley Park. I’ve been meaning to go to Bletchley for aaaaages. And finally we had the excuse as we were meeting some of Pauls friends nearby. It was super interesting to go around the different huts and learn more about how they actually broke the codes. Definitely recommend a visit.

6 Keeping up my cooking challenge. 7 whole weeks of my cooking challenge! I’ve made chicken with balsamic vinegar (for vinegar week), Lumpia (for Filipeno week) and mousakka (for Olympics week) to name a few. I’m very much enjoying trying to make something new each week and I’ve definitely got some favourites to add to the rotation.

7 Finishing an audio book. I had a little fling with audiobooks last year but couldn’t really get into them. But I’ve finally managed to listen to a few audiobooks lately and I’ve been enjoying it much more! It’s nice to have something different to the podcast and as I’ve been walking a lot more at lunch, it’s been the perfect time to listen.

8 Shetland is back. We all know a love a slow crime drama. And Shetland which is my total fave is back! Yessss.

9 New notebooks. I bought some suuuuper pretty plant notebooks. I realise I’m starting to get a proper plant obsession. I want more in the flat, I want them on my duvet covers and on my notebooks. Proper crazy plant lady is definitely forming.

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