5 Days to master Pinterest for your blog

February 6, 2018

So, I had been pondering what to do for my next 5 day challenge as I really enjoyed writing my SEO one. First, I was gonna do one on analytics (and you know, not saying I won’t in future), but I’m having a prolonged break from my stats so it’s kind of a hard thing to write about when you don’t want to go anywhere near google analytics for a while. I was also planning an article about Rhino Rank since they’re not given the credit they deserve for the work they do. They help bloggers like me get more readers through their organic outreach. I should really write this review soon.

I’ve been wanting to do something on Pinterest for ages, but felt like there was a lot of info in this space. But I’ve decided that it’s something I enjoy talking about, and I can hopefully give you my spin on it.

This isn’t going to 5 days of super simple Pinterest tips, e.g. day one, create a pin, day two pin the pin. We are gonna cover the anatomy of a pin, but we are gonna go much deeper than that. I’m honestly giving you looooads of Pinterest content here. But my aim is that in 5 days, you have all the knowledge to really grow your Pinterest and grow the traffic which is coming to your blog. If you’re wanting to grow traffic to your blog, you could look into a wordpress seo service to enable your blog to hopefully rank higher in search engine results. In fact if you are thinking of using wordpress, I would also suggest choosing a speedy wordpress host so it ranks as high as possible in search engine results.

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Right, what are you gonna learn in these 5 days?

  • How to make sure your profile is optimised for people to find you and to encourage more followers
  • What makes a good pin, when you should pin, how often you should be pinning
  • What metrics to follow on Pinterest – should you care about followers? What about comments, hashtags or repins? Well, we will decode them all.
  • Pinterest schedulers – are they worth it? Boardbooster and Tailwind are ALWAYS mentioned, are they the holy grail they claim to be to boost your followers? We will dig into the details.
  • Pinterest tribes and pods – what are they? And do they really work? (Psst I do actually rate them)
  • Promoted pins – one of the handiest features and a great opportunity to get £5 working for you.

See, ALL of the content is coming your way. And how do you get it? Well, just sign up using the sign up button below.

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NOTE: If you did sign up for my SEO course, YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN FOR THIS ONE! I will be sending my SEO mailing list a note of this but I want to make sure if you’re interested in SEO and not interested in Pinterest then I don’t start spamming you with the wrong thing and data protection and all that jazz. Hopefully by the end of the SEO course, the idea that implementing this within a business or a website could be as simple as getting in touch with companies like Bigfoot Digital. As there are professionals like these out there, once there is a better understanding of the benefits of SEO, there’s no stopping anyne from getting a helping hand.

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