How to be a blogger when you’re useless at taking photos

February 25, 2018

I’ve never hidden the fact that photos aren’t my faveeee part of blogging. It’s always been an area that I’ve struggled with as I don’t have a natural eye for these things. However, I’m happy to say that even as a blogger who is useless at taking photos, I’ve definitely improved significantly in the past couple of years.

Part of this is due to my new found love of the Instagram, but by improving my instagram I’ve also started improving my blog photography. I’m not quite at the stage of using a drone similar to the Mavic Air 2 to capture some aerial photographs, but let’s just say, I’m definitely well on my way to achieving it. And well, if you also struggle with photos then try some of these:

Don’t overcomplicate things

If photography isn’t your strong point, then trust me when I say buying any kind of fancy camera or gadget, probably isn’t going to help. Seriously, I think that as bloggers we see dreamy DSLR shots and think that we need that super expensive camera to try and get the same. But then, you get the expensive camera and actually, you don’t know how to use it and you don’t care enough to do all the details so then the photos end up looking the same as the ones on your phone except you have to lug around a giant camera.

So, start on your phone. Once you’re happy with the shots you’re taking there and you’re more interested in photography then consider the fancy stuff. I have a DSLR and even bought an Olympus Pen but I ended up selling it a couple of months later as really, it didn’t bring me anything extra, I was happy enough with the photos on my phone. If you only have your phone handy you can use other equipment to make your photos look more the way you would like them to be, for example, lightbox photography is a great way to promote your products, it looks professional and you don’t have to keep scouting for different areas to make it appeal, as it already highlights everything.

Edit on your phone rather than the computer

You hear lots of bloggers talking about lightroom and photoshop to edit their photos. But again, it is so hard and take quite a bit of work to get into them (you could buy some lightroom presets, but again expensive!). So consider just editing on your phone instead. Like I mentioned, I take all my photos on my phone and then edit them on there before transferring to my computer and then the blog. Phones are such good quality these days that there isn’t a huge amount of difference as to where you are editing.

When it comes to editing, one of the best ways to make your photos look better is to try and use consistent editing. I’ve been editing all my photos with the same filter for a couple of months and not only does the gram look better, but it works on the blog too. Have a look at the instagram slider in the footer of the blog, you can see that the tones are the same and this is because of the filter. I love the A Colour Story app for fabulous filters and it is super easy to use.

Find some failsafe poses or set ups

I mentioned this in my instagram post, but start a collection or a pinterest board on photos you like and try and see the commonalities between them. You might see that all the fashion shots you like involve someone looking down, or actually you love photos taken from behind of someone staring into the distance. You might love anything with a dark wood background or you want something with steaming cups of tea in it.

Learn from these and experiment with them. Then, try and take more of the same pic. By taking more of a similar style, you’ll evolve naturally into new and different ways. Take my shot down pictures – it all started with a Noel embroidery shot which I had enjoyed on other peoples feeds, I’ve then done many like that but it’s also evolved into different set ups, props and other cool flatlays. You’ll also notice that I am a big fan of the ‘look into the distance’ pose!

Use pretty props

If you’re keen on flatlays for your blog then props are your best friend. Seriously, find those little things which make every photo look a little more put together. I am a BIG fan of some kind of plant or flower and obsessed with using fairy lights in basically all my photos. I think by adding a couple of elements like that, it automatically makes your photo put a bit more put together and includes some different tones.

Use stock photos or just buy some

And well, if you’re useless at photos then consider just using stock photos. Saying that though, maybe improving your photography skills could be a goal that you set yourself. Even if this means checking out something like ads, for example, in the hopes of finding a second-hand camera, being able to take better photos for the blog might even boost traffic and views! Also, I’m a big fan of unsplash for when I need to add something to my blog but I just don’t have an image that fits. I’ve also bought a load of tailored stock photos which I use for my blogging style posts. I am useless at a white flatlay, no matter how hard I try and well, I like how they look so buying some was by far the easiest option. I would always advise looking for free stock photos as opposed to paying for them though.

There we have it, even if photography isn’t your thing then I promise that you can still run a successful blog. By tweaking how you see things and really starting at the basics, then you can continue to build and improve.

Do you struggle with photos? What’s your top tip?

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