Why I’ve done lots of walking this Winter

February 4, 2018

Omg you guys, I’ve forgotten how to write a title. I mean, it was bound to happen after writing like over 400 of them right? I literally just want to title this, I went for lots of walks lately. How about that for fabulous SEO technique!

But I dunno, I wrote previously about slowing down this year and writing about what is important to me at the time, sometime it’s SEO, and sometimes, well, it’s walking lots?

So YES I’ve been doing LOTS of walking. I tend to go through phases with walking and find, the less I walk, the less I walk in general. So suddenly not only do I get the bus to the station in the morning, but oh, I’ll jump on it when I get home too, oh and why not just get the tube this one stop, won’t hurt right? But then when I’m in walking mode, it will happen all of the time!

In December I got really lazy with walking, I think it was partly because of the weather and the light. But also after using my fitbit for YEARS, I stopped using it. I blame my parents, we had a league table and well, it made me feel like crap. I dunno how they do it, obviously the concept of a chair doesn’t exist in Australia as they walk like 120,000 STEPS a week. And well, I’m happy if I manage 10,000 a day! But now I’ve decided to use my fitbit, but just sync it with the app (or you know, I could unfriend my parents….).

So after all the rambles, here are some nice walks I’ve done lately with all those steps I’m now doing:

Along the river Thames

I’ve been trying a new aspiration that if it isn’t raining then I’ll go for a little walk every lunchtime. Working in Canary Wharf isn’t the most inspirational place to wander, but I’ve been heading to the river and walking up each side of Thames Path. It’s always windy but it’s great to blow away the cobwebs, and you know, have my feet on some solid ground.

Plus I’ve been steaming through some audiobooks which I haven’t managed to listen to for months. Win!

Richmond Park and its surrounds – including Petersham Nurseries

The theme of many of these will be ‘WHY DID I NOT REALISE THERE WERE SO MANY NICE THINGS NEAR ME’. Like I knew I lived near Richmond Park, but did I REALLY know? No I didn’t. I mean, we can drive there in about 20 minutes. So we’ve been heading out that way more, wandering through the park and seeing the deer.

I’ve also been exploring the gorgeous suburbs around there too. I mean, you do wander around imagining how in the world anyone would make enough money to live in any of the house, but they are beautiful. We popped into Petersham nurseries too, which has to be the most instagrammable place of them all.

Wimbledon Common

This is even closer than Richmond! It’s been our standard for the weekends where I want a wander but we don’t have a huge amount of time, or the weather is a bit rubbish. It doesn’t have anything particularly exciting about it, but you know, it’s just nice to be with some trees every now and again…

Painshill Park

And what a little gem this park is! Almost every weekend lately, it’s been, so – where should we walk this weekend? Well Paul happened upon this park and we jumped in the car – less than half an hour and we are there! It’s £8 to get in and is technically a ‘landscape garden’ but it is FULL of gems. I mean, a fairy tale bridge, a gothic tower, an abandoned abbey, a vineyard and a crystal cavern all in one park? It literally has it all. I want to go back in the summer!

Kew Gardens

I always thought Kew was a pain to get to. Then I remembered I have a car. And now, well, I’m seriously considering becoming a member! Kew is the ultimate place for a wander. I headed there with Katy and Erica to check out the dried flower exhibit, which was gorge. But also had to have a good walk around too. I also bought the Kew gin and OMG it is beautiful. Honestly, go for the gin if you don’t like walking, it’s worth it.

To be honest, after reading this back, I think I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post. Maybe that’s what happens, you only have 400 blog posts in you and after that, you brain just stops working. Let’s hope the next one is a bit more successful!!

Where have you been walking lately?

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