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Postcards from Paphos, Cyprus

February 28, 2018

Not gonna lie, Cyprus has never reeeeeally been on my to visit list. The surrounds definitely have been, Greece has been on the list since forever. But well, when the gals plan a trip to stay in a Cypriot villa for 4 days, I am SO KEEN for that! And not only that, but it marked country number 30!

So let me tell you, this is very much not the guide to what to do in Cyprus. Mainly because what we mostly did was have lots of laughs and drink wine by the pool. But, you know, sometimes those are the best holidays right? So on a Thursday night, I headed to the airport hotel with Leanne to try and get a bit of shut eye before a super early morning flight. I’m not convinced by these early morning flights, but sometimes when it’s easyjet they only fly out once a day at the crack of dawn.

So, at the very crack of dawn, we woke up and headed to the plane. But man, Cyprus is FAR AWAY. I mean, I’m basically used to only doing like 2-3 hour flights (if that) for Europe trips, but no, 4.5 hours later and we hit Cyprus. I was very happy with the flight, yes I may have had 3 large gin and tonics by the time we landed (at the equivalent of 11am, whoops) but you know, sometimes you gotta use those coping mechanisms!

Now, mistake number one I made was not paying attention to the internet when it said that Cyprus in February is cold, because, it actually is. So you know, I maybe should have brought more clothes. I am SUCH a cold person, always a little chillier than the normal person and I should have kept that in mind. But you know, it was still a little warmer than London and that’s what matters!

We picked up a couple of hire cars before heading off to settle in the villa. Of course, we popped by the supermarket first to pick up supplies. As we landed mid afternoon, we decided to have a little drive to Limassol down the coast. It was a good opportunity to see the scenery (mainly green and dusty) and see some of the ocean too. Love that island life!

In Limassol we had a wander by the coast and stopped for dinner. Of course, we went for everything Cypriot. Which basically means that we ate ALL THE CHEESE. Haloumi and feta featured heavily, along with flatbreads and hummus and other yummy bits. I have to say, it is one of my faaaave type of cuisines.

For our next day, the sun finally made an appearance! Queue 8 bloggers taking lots of photos, and one of us (AJ) actually getting in the pool! We spent the morning doing SPORTS at the resort like I chat about in my last post. Before spending the afternoon doing all of the lounging. I read The Guilty Wife, written by fellow blogger Elle Croft which was awesome. I do love a good thriller when I’m off on hols.

We had another full day on the island on Saturday and used this as a good excuse to have a little explore. We drove back to Paphos (where the airport is) and had a wander through the old town. The highlight was definitely stopping at the loveliest traditional Cypriot restaurant and having some proper traditional food. I had ‘fish in oven’ which turned out to be gorgeous baked fish with spinach and potatoes. The whole table loved their food so it was a definite winner.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the archaelogical park. Not gonna lie, I got tired pretty soon (I got a HORRENDOUS cold the next day so I think this was the early hit) so I headed back with Erica and Charley. We stopped off at Aphrodites Rock on the way which was beautiful, it reminded me a lot of the scenery we saw when we were in the Algarve, definitely worth a stop.

I flaked out pretty early on our last evening, the impending cold and not having slept very well for the previous couple of nights hit me. So I ate pizza and became a recluse in my room. Luckily, our flight back was early afternoon so I got a glorious lie in which was so needed. We popped back to the coast on the way back to the airport before jumping on our flight.

Luckily, the flight back was also pretty good. Other than the 45 minutes we spent circling around London due to a blizzard, that was a wee bit of a pain. Paul was a total babe and came and picked me up from the airport which I was SO grateful for as I probably would have keeled over on the train otherwise. The week that followed was a hideous cold, blocked ears, weird stomach problems, 2 doctors appointments and a hospital referral. So you know, I was quite impressed I managed to make it through the weekend!!

Overall, a very enjoyable trip from one which I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I’d love to go back to Cyprus, probably in the summer as I feel like it will then have a bit more a vibe to it. I’m not sure I can give a full opinion of it seeing as we didn’t do THAT much exploring. But you know, it wasn’t a holiday for that, it was a holiday to spend time with friends and it was PERFECT for that.

Have you been to Cyprus? What did you think?

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