Why a villa with your gal pals is always the right answer

February 20, 2018

Going on holidays with friends is a funny one. Well, cause I’m always REALLY scared of it. It was only when I was driving home from my recent trip to Cyprus with Paul that I realised I’ve always been a bit scared of it. I had flashbacks to being a teenager when I just could not sleep over at anyone’s house. Seriously, I’d wait until all my friends were asleep before slowly sneaking out and driving home to all my comforts (the joys of having a driving age of 15 right?).

And I don’t really know why. I’ve always been an anxious soul and well, I’ve just always felt comfortable in my own space. What if people think I’m odd? What if I want food and no one else does? What if I freak out on the plane? What if I get super worried and just need SOME SPACE. I’ve spent so many years of doing what I want to do, that honestly, I am ALL for solo travel, that doesn’t scare me at all, but being with other people? Eek!

I dipped my toes in last year with a trip to Croatia with Erica. Luckily, she understands my weird mind and it went positively swimmingly. But hey, I decided to go from easing myself in to FULL FORCE. And I mean it, me and 7 of my Bangarang buds, in a villa, in Cyprus (which let me tell you, is like a 5 hour flight away) for 4 whole days. It reminds me of the time my friend told me about the fantastic time they had in turks and caicos hotels.

And spoiler, it was awesome!

The Villa

We were lucky enough to collaborate with James Villas and get a lovely little villa in Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus. I stayed in a villa in Gran Canaria and thought it was great. A villa is a really fab option if you have a big group and actually want to spend a bit of time together. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hotel, but if you have a group of you that is too big for one room, then this is ideal option as you can actually spend time together. Some people think that booking a holiday villa can be a daunting prospect however it’s no different to booking a hotel! With websites like Rental Cloud, booking a villa has never been easier in my opinion. Just select your location, fall in love with a villa and book it!

The villa had 5 bedrooms, living room and of course, a pool! The outside area was the best bit to be honest, it would be gooooorgeous in the summer. Unfortunately, it is actually quite chilly if you go to Cyprus in February, so we did use the outside space, but most of the time it involved us sitting in about 7 layers and maybe a blanket on top. If you’re thinking of planing a girls trip away, why not rent a private villa? Look into the facilities that are provided, the quality of the overall experience, the service. Just be sure to do your research to find the best one for you, your friends and the trip.

It’s handy having a kitchen too, not only cause it means you can keep lots of snacks, but it definitely cuts down on costs too. If you want a more budget holiday then I think a villa can really work out well in this aspect, as even if you spend a little more money on the villa itself, you’ll probably make it back in saving from not eating out 3 times a day. So you know, Cyprus villas are a good way to go!

The Resort

The other thing with a villa is that you are often on a resort where you can use the FACILITIES. Which is always exciting. We decided to have a RESORT DAY OF FUN. Which tbh, was probably my fave day in Cyprus. I did actual SPORTS.

Let me tell you, if there is anything I am crap at, it is SPORTS. Like seriously. I spent my entire childhood getting out of P.E due to my ‘asthma’. I blame my competitiveness, I had being bad at stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I like fitness, but that is a whole different ball game (heh) to SPORTS.

We started with tennis, one of the most dreaded SPORTS. But I actually had a good time. Mainly because I spent most of the time filming boomerangs of everyone else bouncing balls. Plus, I stood next to the giant basket of tennis balls so I never had to run for anything. The best bit is that apparently, you take a photo of anyone playing tennis and they instantly look sporty, I mean, look at that photo, I’m practically a tennis pro. I must say, I enjoyed it that much, I actually started looking at tennis gear reviews to see if I could find any beginner stuff to get into it, haha. Maybe one day I’ll get into it when I’m actually brave enough to take it on.

We then did golf. One of the SPORTS that I’m not great at (sense a theme yet?). That said, I was actually purely AVERAGE at it. Which is better than I’ve been at any SPORT. Seriously, I hit a ball like 100m. It’s all based on the golf man telling me what to do. Weirdly, I’d do it again. I don’t think I’ll ever be a golfer but you know, it was alright.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around villas and infinity pools and eating some deeeelish food in the Aphrodite pub.

The Gals

So, the villa was good, the resort was fab. How about everything else? Well, I’m just a very lucky person in that the gals are all fabulous. They dealt with my weird mind, even when I got scared and insisted Erica and Katy sleep with their door open in case someone broke in. Yep, weirdo. They didn’t mind when I turned 700 heaters on (as the constantly cold person) or that I couldn’t sleep if I was on the ground floor.

Not only that, but we had fun, we had laughs, we had blogging chats. We named the bugs we found Nigel. It was dreamy.

So you know, thank you Erica, Katy, Leanne, Milly, Charlie, Charley and AJ. You’ve restored my faith in me being able to go on gals holidays. What a bunch of babes.

So, would I do it again?

I mean… I’m going to Fuerteventura in 2 weeks with 4 gals so the answer is a resounding YES.

So pals, what do you think about gals holidays? What about staying in villas?

*Our stay was complimentary but all villa holiday loving is my own!

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