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10 Happy Things #58

March 8, 2018

I’ve been having a blogging CRISIS. Which I know sounds much more dramatic than it really is, but basically I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I don’t know what I want to write about, or even if I want to write. But when lamenting this to my sister (who has now set up shop in Australia), she informed me that I MUST keep blogging and Instagrammng so that she can see what I’m up to.

So you know, here you go Rebecca, what I’ve been up to in the past couple weeks!

1 I went to Fuerteventura. I’ve you’ve been reading the blog for ages, then you’ll remember when I went to the Canaries a couple years ago and looooved it. Well, when Erica suggested going to another one, I was keeeeen. So we did 5 days with Bex and Sam too, we had lots of sunshine, looooots of sangria and it was awesome. More on it in another post… maybe…

2 I had 2 good flights. Yep, both there and back I had a good flight. Even with taking off in a snow storm and with some “mild” turbulence. I even fell asleep for like 30 mins on the way there. It’s the most I think I’ve ever slept on a plane, so seeing as my next flight is a 13hr marathon, I have a little bit of hope.

3 It snowwwwwwed! If you weren’t aware that it snowed, then you probably live in the Southern hemisphere and don’t care about our weather. But IT SNOWED. Like the most I’ve seen it in London. It was super pretty and I did end up hibernating what with all the travel chaos. I think maybe I would have enjoyed it less if I hadn’t jetted off to hot weather halfway through though…

4 Visiting Mac and Wild. Katy and I popped down to Mac and Wild to try their brunch and it was YUM. Like seriously good, the whole premise is fabulous Scottish food in London. We had their veni-moo burger which was voted the best burger in London and I totally see why – it was DELISH.

Like you can’t beat moist, flavourful meat with a soft squishy bun, lots of mustard and a heap of cheese. We loved the haggis too – especially the mac and cheese. I rounded it all off with a cheeky whisky which was lovely and smoky. Definitely pop down if you’re in London town!

5 Even more sewing. Yep, the sewing has continued. As I haven’t been blogging (whoops), I’ve been using my free time to sew. I’ve done a couple of my own pieces but also a couple of free ones from DMC – they have some great patterns if you want something new to work on.

6 Loads of good TV. I dunno why but TV has been GOOD lately. I mean, we have Shetland and Strike now on BBC along with a load of good crime dramas. I’ve also been OBSESSED with the new Queer Eye and am really into ‘The Arrangement’ which is like drag race for florists. I’m definitely watching too much TV but it is oh so worth it.

7 Babybels. I might not have mentioned this but I’ve given up sugar. It may have some input to the whole blogging mojo loss, but I needed to break the habit so I gave it up for a fair few weeks until Easter. I’ve had all the mad sugar cravings but have become in love with babybels again. I dunno why, they are a bit chewy but if you leave them out of the fridge for awhile then they get soft an delicious and I need something to snack on so it works!

8 Daffs and tulips. Spring is kind of springing, if only in the shops rather than the fields. I’ve been buying loads of daffodils and tulips which have been perfect for bringing a bit of life into the flat.

9 Going to Cirque Du Soleil. We decided to brave the snow for one thing last week, Cirque Du Soleil! I loooved it when we went last year so I got Paul tickets for his birthday. Ovo was an awesome show, it was full of great costumes and of course, great acrobatics. I love seeing their shows so much, and being in the Royal Albert Hall makes it super special too.

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What’s made you happy recently? x

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