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10 Happy Things #59 + a new blog look!

March 29, 2018

Ohh! You might remember from my last happy things post that I was in a blog CRISIS. Well, I decided to have a blog redesign! When I launched my coaching, I really enjoyed the new design but lately I was feeling it was more ‘business-ey’ than ‘blogg-ey’ and that put me off writing so much.

So I’ve reverted back to more of a blog layout and I love it! Hopefully it will help keep the writing fires burning… It’s already making me feel a bit happier about my witterings over here. Do let me know what you think! Now, onto some happy things..

1 The holiday is coming up!! Aaaaahh! I’m so excited, Malaysia and New Zealand finally feels like it’s on the horizon. Flights, hotels, hire cars and all of the like are finally booked. Now it’s the fun bits of figuring out what we are actually going to do when we are there. I went and got my travel jabs today so even though my arm is in agony, it reminds me constantly of the holiday!

2 I joined a yoga studio. I love yoga and I’ve been USELESS with exercise this year. So when a new yoga studio opened up around the corner and they had a great unlimited month offer, I jumped on it. I’ve been loving it so much, not only for exercise but it definitely helps with the old mindset too. Hopefully I can keep it up!

3 The sun and spring and clocks changing. How can I not mention this?! The clocks have sprung forward, the sky has been occasionally lovely and blue but the blossoms have arrived! I know it may still snow over Easter but I am just so excited for that bit of extra sunshine.

4 I baked actual bread. For real! It’s been one of my goals to bake bread for ages and I had a very quiet weekend ahead of me and Paul was out – I feel like I needed to be alone for the first attempt!! But I’m so happy with how it turned out, it proper rose and had a nice thick crust! It tasted pretty good but was a tiny bit ‘yeasty’ I had some yeast weighing confusion so I think that may the cause. I can’t wait to try again!

5 I hung out with blogging pals. I finally met up with the aaaamazing Lynsey and Laura at the weekend and we had the BEST time! They are both totally such babes and I feel a wee trip to Devon in our futures! I also finally caught up with Rebecca who gave me a right career talking to, and had brunch and blogging chat with Katy. Ah I’m so lucky for all the lovely ladies in my life!

6 I went to science afternoon tea. As I’m soon going to be yapping about, I gave up sugar for 7 weeks. I know. It’s been a very questionable time. But I had one ‘free day’ to have sugar in that time and used it to go out for afternoon tea! I headed with my pal Jess to The Ampersand for their science afternoon tea. It was SO GOOD. Honestly, I loved all the little science references but more importantly, it tasted deeeelish. And omg that sugar!

7 I didn’t have a giant dentists bill. A bit of a weird one but I’ve had one dodgy tooth for literally months. Seriously, it’s now on its THIRD filling because it’s incapable of functioning as a tooth. And I was expecting a very hefty bill in order to fix it, but luckily there MAY be a cheaper solution. We will see if it works, but it’s just nice to not be charged hundreds of pounds right?!

8 UK travel on the horizon. I knowwww the big holiday is coming up but I actually have 2 UK trips planned for April which are also exciting! I’m taking my Grandma up to Howarth and Yorkshire first which is super exciting as it looks so dreamy (I’ve been tryyyyying to read Wuthering Heights in preparation). And then I’m off to Poole / Bournemouth for a night with the gals too. Can’t forget the good old UK for some trips!

9 Gin and sewing. Not gonna lie, a lot of my evenings lately have consisted of a sneaky gin and a wee bit of embroidery. I dunno if that means I’ve hit peak Grandma status, but I am more than happy about it.

10 Posts I’ve been enjoying:

I’m so ready for Easter – it’s going to be a slow one at home and it’s just what is needed with a busy April and May ahead!

What’s made you happy lately?

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