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Postcards from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

March 18, 2018

This was one of those trips which just fell together. A little mention by Erica one evening and I was suddenly like… yes, I do want to go to the Canaries again! I roped in my pal Samantha, Erica brought Bex along and then we had the perfect foursome to jet off on a holiday for a bit of Winter sun.

Oh and the Winter sun was SO NEEDED. I mean, the beast from the East had hit London. That week I got snowed in at home, had horrendous commutes and oh my, I needed to get FAR AWAY.

But… with the snow comes chaos not only on my trains to work but of course, in air travel too! Queue the four of us manically looking at airport departures, storm patterns and what flights had been canceled so far. It was one of those times where I honestly thought the holiday was going to be canceled.

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But luckily, the insurance did not need to come to the rescue, and our Easyjet flight was actually MORE on time than about 90% of the other ones I’ve done. I was worried the storm would make it bumpy, but luckily the flight was a dream and we soon landed down in Fuerteventura!

On landing, we met the other gals, grabbed our rental car and drove across the island to our apartment. The apartment was a dream, we all got a room, it was affordable and it had a kitchen which meant we could spend the entire trip eating extraordinary amounts of cheese. Just what I need in life. After stocking up on wine, we started planning out the next few days.

We managed to get a bit of rain on our first day, and our scenic drive did end up being a drive through a very large cloud. But after a trip to a bakery for lunch, the sun made its appearance and we spent the afternoon wandering around our little seaside town of Gran Tarajal.

Luckily, our trip to Gran Tarajal also coincided with their Carnaval! Queue, FAR too much sangria, many a drag queen and well, one fabulous night out on the town. I mean, the best nights out are the ones you don’t plan right?

I managed to somehow drag myself out of bed the next day as we were headed up to the top of the island across to the island of Lobos. I’m not the best on little boats but luckily it was a quick trip over to the little island in between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. We spent the day lounging by the beach and I went off on a nice volcanic walk.

Let me tell you, Fuerteventura is full of rocks. SO MANY ROCKS. It’s the rockiest place I’ve been. And well, it does have some amazing scenery. We spent quite a bit of time driving around the island and looking at all those… rocks!

And that really summed up our few days, rocks, wine, cheese, fabulous gal pals and a whole lot of laughs. We ate some great food, often sitting in the sunshine with the waves lapping a few feet away. And really, that’s what makes a great trip.

Before heading over, I was expecting it to be like Gran Canaria, as we all remember my amazing trip there a few years ago. And it was, and it wasn’t! The vibe was the same and I enjoyed the moon-like scenery. Gran Canaria was definitely greener, and well, less windy. But hey, I enjoyed my time on both!

I was glad to get some Winter sun, it’s definitely a great thing to help the never ending Winter seem a little bit shorter. I definitely recommend getting away in March… whether it’s to Winter sun or off to the Wintery slopes, it really perks up the beginning of the year!

Have you been to the Canaries? How do you feel about going on hols early in the year?

*In collaboration with the post office, all holiday loving my own.

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