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Is skiing for me? Trying out indoor skiing!

March 25, 2018

Skiing is a funny one. I feel like if your family is keen on skiing then you do it more as you grow up and continue on the whole skiing holiday thing. We did try it once when I was a teen but only managed half a day and I don’t think the parents enjoyed it too much! My grand-parents love ski lodging and they always tell me some fantastic stories about their past ski trips. I thought it was time for me to try skiing for myself though!

Since then moving to London, I’ve always been so jealous of the snaps of people jetting off to the alps, staying in little chalets and seeing amazing mountains. This was enforced even more when we went to Chamonix last year as even in the summer it was STUNNING so I can’t even imagine how beautiful it must be in the winter. Maybe I should try taking some private ski lessons at a ski school like Matterhorn Diamonds. Just so we are prepared if we decide to go.

Paul and I have always debated it, but it can be quite expensive to invest in a holiday like skiing in the Andes mountains without yet knowing if you enjoy it, right? Well, enter Chel-ski! You see, Club Med thought the same kind of thing so invited some bloggers down to the indoor skiing track in Chelsea.

I didn’t really know what to expect, the only indoor skiing I’ve seen has been in Manchester where they have a proper snowy slope but indoors. But no, this is like a big roller track which runs and makes it seem like you are going down a never ending ski slope. Not only that, but it goes up and down to increase the slope.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of wuss when it comes to these things and I was a wee bit nervous. We got a group of newbies and 3 of us hit the slope. After being strapped into the boots, I jumped on some skis. The first thing I noticed was the fact I had no poles!! I found it so disconcerting to be strapped to two sliding things without anything to hold onto.

But luckily, when you start, you start at the bottom and can cling onto the rail which is exactly what I did. They turned on the roller and I immediately started walking… whoops! But I soon got the hang of it and started pushing off and doing a wee bit of proper skiing.

Oh… but then they track up up to the top of the slope. Whaaaat! I was not ready and almost refused to go back down the slope – I was convinced I would careen down and smash into the mirror at the bottom. But the instructors were so great at reassuring me! They helped pull my skis down so that I had some faith in myself as I slid down the hill.

Next we learnt the all important skill – the snow plough and the ability to stop. This was definitely needed as it really helped to build my confidence! I then managed to actually go up and down the slope a few times and proper enjoyed myself! I only had one near slip over and they quickly stopped the slope running so I managed to stay on my feet.

But man, how much does skiing actually act as a workout?! After like 20 minutes, I was sore and ready to be on none moving land again. Luckily, we could do exactly as you do when skiing… apres ski! We headed to the little bar and indulged in meat and cheese and wine and everything you need after a proper skiing lesson. There was even chocolate fondue which I managed to resist – the sugar detox unfortunately still is not over!

It was funny as before hand I was so worried about it, but as I headed home after the awesome evening, I reflected and actually really enjoyed it! Skiing is definitely something I would try again and I really want to take Paul back to Chel-ski and get him to have a try – as he’s never hit the slopes before and it does give you such a good idea as to how it actually will be. I might go outdoor skiing one day, if I do I will probably have to invest in some gear from I hear their range is brilliant. I definitely recommend giving indoor skiing a go if there’s any options nearby, I loved Hannahs post all about an indoor slope too to give you an idea of what that’s like!

And hey, Club Med have heeeeaps of ski holidays available, so maybe that will be on our travel agenda for next year! Club med also wrote a handy blog post all about the event and some tips to get you on the slopes!

Have you ever been skiing? What about indoor skiing? I definitely think you need to give it a try!

*I was invited to the event by Club Med but all experiences are honest and my own!!

Gorgeous photos in this were by the lovely Fordtography!

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