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10 Happy Things #60

April 18, 2018

And just like that, it’s time for another life update! These posts are still my favourite – probably explains how I’ve managed to get 60 of them right? But I think they are so important to remember little things, exciting things and the happy bits which have been happening over the past few weeks. For reals, if you haven’t written one of these type of posts then definitely give it a go! Now, onto the week…

1 I headed off to Yorkshire! Finally managed to get a bit of UK travel, we took my Grandma up to Haworth, Skipton and the surrounds and had an awesome weekend. More about it in its own post but the UK is just so pretty and I really need to explore more of the North!

2 The sun finally shone. Yeah not for long, but we got a few properly sunny days in there! I finally took my first bike ride, had a drink in a beer garden and went out with just a cardigan on. So you know, Spring may just start being somewhere in sight!

3 Exploring Wakehurst. I ended up having a pretty slow Easter, but I did head out to Wakehurst on the Saturday for a good wander around with Rebecca and Katy. Can’t beat getting out into the countryside, and even though it was packed in the house with children, once we took a wander it was nice and quiet!

4 More holiday planning. The holiday is properly starting to come together now! Most things are booked, I’ve got my jabs, started a massive to do list and feeling very excited for it all. I’m also planning Rome in July so I’ve started having a sneaky look at that – any Rome recommends, then please throw them my way!

5 Delicious ramen with the gals! I headed out a couple weekends ago to meet Erica and Katy and we headed off to get ramen in the new branch of Kanada-Ya* in Angel. It was SO GOOD. I’ve never really tried ramen much before. I’m not really sure why – I don’t often eat noodles so I never really thought of it. But oh I am converted!

I went for the gekikara which was super spicy, just how I like it, with a tea soaked egg and aaaamazing pork broth. We had a mio (sparkling sake) alongside and it was one of my fave meals for a long time. I am definitely keen to go back again ASAP!

6 Hitting some ‘gram goals. I fiiiinally hit some gram goals and I’m super happy with how the insta is looking! Though I have to say that after using Pauls iPhone X camera, I’m now desperate for a new phone – suddenly all my pics feel low quality!! If you don’t follow me already on the gram then be sure to!

7 Yoga. Soz that this is very similar to last weeks, but I’ve still been enjoying my yoga! My unlimited month is ending soon, but I’m still really hoping that I can get down to the studio a couple times a week moving forward. It’s definitely worth it!

8 New podcasts. I asked on my insta earlier in the week, what podcasts people were recommending, and I got a HEAP of fab suggestions. I can’t wait to do a giant podcast round up. If you want any specific podcast posts then do let me know!

9 Good TV. Along with that, there’s been some great TV! I mean, we’ve got bake off on Netflix, new drag race, new Top Model, plus I’ve been enjoying Marcella and even the F1 has been exciting this week. I have also recently been reading about an app called MediaBox HD ( which lets you stream and download movies and TV shows on your iPhone. I was going to download it, but I’m worried I’ll never put my phone down!! Though hopefully with a bit more sunshine, there may be a little less TV in the near future!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

Eeek, there will likely only be one more of these posts before I head off on the big trip. I am SO EXCITEDD. I have a post coming up later this week which covers all my itinerary details so keep an eye out for that!

What’s made you happy lately?

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