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6 glorious day trips from South West London

April 11, 2018

Yeah I know this is specific but I live in SW London therefore I have become a pro at day trips from South West London! And that’s not to say that you can’t do these trips from other places in London, they’ll just take a little big longer in order for you to get there.

Oh and in being honest, we did drive to the majority of these. As the only time we seem to be able to use the car is to head out of London. BUT most are also accessible by public transport so even if you don’t have a car then they are worth a visit! So let’s get onto it, here are 6 day trips from South West London.

Wakehurst Place

My latest little trip over the Easter weekend was down to Wakehurst Place. This is Kews country garden and is down in Surrey. It’s made up of the house and grounds but also houses the Worlds largest seed bank which was super interesting.

Now, we did go during the BUSIEST WEEKEND EVER so didn’t spend too much time in the house for fear of crushing small children, but did head out in the grounds. There are so many to wander through and they are full of gorgeous plants and flowers. Not only that but they are some gorgeous manicured gardens too.

Combine that with some scones and jam from the cafe, and the fact that they sell Kew gin (one of my faaaaves). It’s definitely worth heading out of London for some of that country air.

More about Wakehurst Place and how to get there.

Painshill Park

Nestled near Cobham train station is this utter doll of a park. It has gorgeous walks, abandoned abbeys, vast vineyards and even a fake underground cavern. I mean, what else can you ask for on a day trip away from London?! We didn’t try out the cafe but I do understand that they have jam and scones so definitely worth it.

Be sure to make the hike up to the Gothic Tower which is worth it for beautiful views back over the park. Plus, you can wander around Cobham which is rather painfully upmarket, but luckily there is a pizza express if you do get stuck.

More about Painshill Park and how to get there.

Hampton Court

I mean this maaaay technically still be in London but it is zone 6 so I count it as a day trip. Hampton Court is of course the palace of Henry the 8th and FULL of amazing London history. If you’re looking for a day out which is more history and houses rather than countryside then this is a good option.

Grab an audio guide so that you can get more info as you wander and be sure to go into the kitchens which are super interesting. Oh and try to not get too lost in the maze which I may or may not have done…

More about Hampton Court and how to get there.

Hinton Ampner

Hinton is one of those proper traditional National Trust places. It has an awesome (though small) house which you can have a good wander through, super pretty manicured gardens which are full of flowers and a load of grounds to walk in too. Don’t get me wrong, I looove a NT property – it’s such a British thing to do and I am all for it.

Can confirm that the scones and cakes were good here too. We all know that it’s sacrilege to go to a National Trust property and not have a cream tea so be sure to try them.

More about Hinton Ampner and how to get there.

Devils Punchbowl

The joy of having a blog is that when I can’t really remember places I’ve been, I have a 99% chance I have a blog post on it. And that is true of the Devils punchbowl! We headed there a couple years ago after I drove past the sign approximately 700 times when I was a Consultant. This is the opposite of Hampton Court and when you want walking in proper countryside and forest!

It basically is a natural ampitheater and a historical road. That means there are loads of walking tracks. It’s very wild and definitely a nice antidote to the London hustle. Plus it is a NT space too, so you know what that means, scones. Yep. You can walk and scone, what more do you want in life?!

More about the Devils Punch Bowl and how to get there.


Nestled in the South Downs is Petworth, most definitely a gorgeous part of the country. The town itself is worth a visit to have a wander down cute cobbled streets. But there is also a beautiful house to visit too. It is really great to visit the interior as it is super impressive inside. The grounds are then great for a wander.

We did Petworth over one night rather than just in a day which is an idea if you want a cheap little getaway. It’s always nice to stay out in the countryside!

More about Petworth and how to get there.

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