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Our Malaysia and New Zealand itinerary

April 22, 2018

I CANNOT believe that it is April and that therefore it is soon to be May and therefore we are SOON GOING ON HOLIDAY. It’s been aaaages since my last big trip (beginning of last year if you care to remember my last Australia trip).

And this is going an be an epic trip. It’s basically two holiday smushed into one. It’s the first time I’ve been back to New Zealand in literal years. You see, I grew up in New Zealand but my family moved to Australia, this has meant that when I head back to the Southern Hemisphere, I often go back to Australia so I can see them – rather than NZ. My friend was super jealous so she decided to look into a loan to go on a similar trip herself. She apparently found a great deal from somewhere similar to sms ln.

But this time, I decided it was proper time to go back. So I convinced the family that we should all take a holiday together first so that I didn’t have to go to Australia. First we were thinking Bali but with the whole volcano, I knew that my luck would mean it would go off as soon as I set foot there. So eventually we ended up on Malaysia!

You see, we needed somewhere kinda halfway and this way we can fly into Singapore which means a direct flight to NZ rather than having to stop in Aus. Perfect! So, this is what we have planned…



Once we land in Singapore we meet up with the rest of my family and then all jump in a van to Malacca – a city half way between Singapore and KL. There we plan to explore some more traditional bits of Malaysia and eat some of the epic food which I have had lots of recommendations for!

Kuala Lumpur

Then off to the big capital! We are actually staying in between the Petronas towers in the Mandarin Oriental which I’m very excited about! We have a traditional food tour planned to go and see some street markets. And, after seeing Charlies post, we are heading off to the Batu caves for a day trip too!

Tioman Island

By this point, I think we will be ready for some serious relaxation! So we are heading off to an island off the coast of Malaysia for a few days of sun, sand and resort relaxation!

After that, we head back to Singapore, wave goodbye to the family and jump on a plane to….

New Zealand

Singapore airlines now fly direct Singapore-Christchurch which is sooo handy. My BFF Hannah lives in Christchurch so we land, swing round and pick her up and then head off on a good old road trip. She’s just bought a brand new car so I cannot wait to see it. She absolutely loves driving and is always checking out the latest cars and planning days out!


As it’s a night flight, I am going to be TIRED. So first stop is Hamner Springs, it’s only a short drive and it means I can spend the afternoon lying in hot springs and napping. Perfect.

We then jump back in the car and do a slow drive up to the top of the South Islands – hopefully lots of gorgeous mountain views on the way!

Nelson and surrounds

I mean, I’ve done a lot of New Zealand and this is one of my fave places. We are basing in Nelson but hopefully go and do a little bit of the Abel Tasman or even all the way over to Farewell Spit. I want to do pretty walks and looooots of Marlborough vineyards!

We were going to jump on the ferry over, but it is expensive!! So from here we jump on a tiny propeller plane and head over to…

Wellington and surrounds

Yep, back home!! I’m excited to show Paul more of where I grew up and catch up with lots of friends. I have about 500 places I want to eat at which is typical. We also want to go up the Coast a bit – do some of Martinborough and stay at the bach in Waikanae.

From there, we fly back down to Christchurch, have a night in Christchurch before starting the looooong slog back home. I can’t do it all in one anymore, so we have a night in Singapore on the way so that I can catch up on some sleep. One of our friends has recently moved to Singapore and wants to move into a condo, she’s already booked herself in for a viewing at a show flat. Click to find out more here. How exciting! Once that’s all done with, we’ll be landing back in London for the beginning of June and with a weekend to tackle some jetlag!

If you have any suggestions for the trip then pleeeease let me know!

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