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April 5, 2018

I used to write these posts aaaaall the time. And so I thought it was time to bring one back as of course, over Winter, I’ve been spending most of my time indoors. I mean, the weather has been so rubbish so there has been nothing better than curling up on the couch with some good TV, books and podcasts!


Wild Wild Country

Hooooow had I never heard of this before?! I mean, both the program and the story it covers – when a cult moved and took over a town in Oregon. This is a 6 part documentary and is SO interesting. It covers the story of Rajneeshpuram and what happened when it was created – what turns from an Indian meditation retreat to a huge scandal full of poison, election tampering and attempted murder.

If you enjoy a super interesting documentary then give this a go – it is such an astonishing moment from history and so cool to learn more about it!

Criminal Minds

I mean, there are 12 seasons on NowTV so don’t go lightly into the murder fest. I used to watch the first few seasons on TV yeeears ago. And figured it was time to complete the set. It follows the BAU – i.e. the profilers as they solve far too many heinous crimes.

I stopped watching it much when I was younger as it would creep me out, now I listen to too many true crime podcasts so it’s just a visual addition! The team are awesome and each episode is different so it is quite good background TV for when you’re writing blogs (like now!).

Drag Race

Yesss season 10 is back and I’m loving it already! If you aren’t on the drag race wagon then you NEED TO BE. It’s all kinds of fabulous and the Queens this season are such high quality. Aaaaall of the drama is already happening and I am here for it. It’s coming out weekly on Netflix!



This was a weird read but I’m going to recommend it anyway! It centres around a mysterious ‘area X’ and expeditions which get sent there to discover what secrets it holds. But not many of the expeditions ever reappear. It’s part sci-fi and part just plain weird but it did keep me hooked all the way to the end. The movie has just released on Netflix too so I want to give that a watch!

Ready Player One

I reeeeally enjoyed Ready Player One, a novel all about the future where we all live in virtual reality. Wade the main character joins a contest to find the VR easter egg through a load of challenges which all centre around 80s pop culture. The book is an easy one but definitely an engrossing read – I just wanted to know what happened!

We also saw the movie recently – which I also enjoyed. It did vary wildly from the book – they were not similar at all! I think you’d enjoy the movie more if you haven’t read the book – rather than picking plot holes like I did. Oh and there was no 80s music in it which was a wild let down.


Red Handed

It can’t be one of these posts without a true crime podcast right?! And this is a new fave! It’s the same as others in that it focuses on a true crime story each week, but it’s hosted by two gals who are similar age / life stage to me which is just always nice to hear on a podcast! The episodes are well researched and they always have a good opinion on what took place. If you like true crime then give it a go!

Getting Curious with JVN

This was fuelled by my TOTAL LOVE of the joy that is Queer Eye on Netflix. Honestly, it is awesome. Well Jonathan who is just fabulous, also hosts his own podcast which I can’t stop listening to. He basically interviews someone super smart on each episode and we learn about it all together. He’s just as great on the podcast as he is on the show and I love him a lot.

FFS – For Formula Ones Sake

A little different but if you enjoy F1 then you’ll definitely love this podcast. The team of 3 talk about the race but also all the off race politics and developments. I love a bit of gossip and these guys totally bring it to F1. TBH the podcast is sometimes more interesting than the actual races!!

What have you been enjoying watching / listening / reading lately?

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