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10 Happy Things #61

May 9, 2018

It is proper holiday countdown as I write this post. On Saturday we will finally be jetting off around the world and I couldn’t be more excited! I always feel there’s something different when the the trip is of the long haul variety. So even though I haven’t actually started packing, I’ve been ticking off my never ending trip to do list all week. I may even do a post on that to do list. I feel like I have the holiday prep down. Anywhos, life at home has been lovely the past few weeks so let’s get into it.

1 #thisdelightfullife – I started my own hashtag! Yaaaay. I’ve been meaning to do one for aaaages and finally decided to bite the bullet and just put it out there. So if you’re on instagram then please do add it to your posts – I’m sharing my fave snaps every week and if you use it before June 2nd then you’re in the draw to win one of two custom embroidery pieces!

2 I lost 10 pounds. I haven’t really been talking about my weight loss journey so much on the blog if I did you’d probably see a bunch of opiniones on different weight loss products or tactics that have been recommended to me across my journey. Plus I’m not sure if people would enjoy me constantly talking about it. BUT I finally hit the ten pound mark and am super happy about it! I have put on weight since working more (less travel, more prosecco being the main culprits) but I’ve been working hard to get to a weight which I feel comfortable in. I would like to lose a little bit more weight in the coming months though, so I have been doing my research into what natural ways I can do this. I came across the shark tank keto diet sisters and their supplements they’ve advertised that are supposed to help with weight loss, so I might give those a go sometime soon. I might just crack down on my exercise or dieting a little more and see if that works, but it’d be great to have an aid so I will definitely check out some weight loss supplements. My arms have always been a problem area for me. However, the NJ Center for CoolSculpting might be able to solve this problem though.

3 Heading to the bluebell forest. We popped to see Paul’s parents before we head on hols and decided to go to one of their local bluebell forest. I’ve never been to see the bluebells so it was lovely to see such sweeping view of blue and purple. They smell oh so lovely too. Definitely recommend heading out of London to see some!

4 Try out Cafe Rouges new croques. I popped to Cafe Rouge with Leanne to try some of their delish new croques*. I had the club which was full of chicken, sundried tomatoes and bechamel sauce. I reeeeally enjoyed it, it’s like a super ultimate grilled cheese sandwich (one of my all time fave foods). The salmon one also looked really good. If you need cheesy goodness then be sure to head in and give them a try!

5 The wisteria appearing. It’s finally wisteria season! It almost feels as though everything has suddenly come into bloom all at the same time which is just awesome. London is so much greener and full of life at the moment. And you know wisteria just makes my Insta grid look oh so pretty.

6 Baking more bread. I decided to mix up my loaf to something a bit fancier this time around! I made scrolls with sundried tomatoes and feta on them. It was really good and I was super happy with how it turned out. It was nice to do something different with actual fillings too. I definitely want to do some scrolls again!

7 Lots of fabulous friends time. As I’m off on hols for the best part of a month, I’ve been scheduling lots of time with my pals. From vegan pizza with the bangarang girls, heading off to the Greenwich gin and jazz night, getting tapas with Laura to wisteria hunting in Kensington. It’s been a very enjoyable long weekend!

8 All of the sunshine. I can’t not mention that London is BEAMING at the moment. Like proper beaming. I love the sunshine, it’s not so hot that I can’t sleep but it’s just perfect temperature for wanders around during the long weekend. It makes me rather excited for the summer we have ahead of us. I best make sure that I have a professional air conditioning company like Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling on speed dial (visit their website here) just in case it gets too warm that I need to have an air conditioning system fitted. Because even though I like the sun, I don’t want to melt under its extreme temperatures. Whilst I have a backup option, I hope it doesn’t get to this stage, and in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the sunshine that we do have, as this could disappear soon if British weather is anything to go by.

9 Getting on the bike by myself. It’s been my goal lately to try and cycle more. But I often only ever cycle with Paul so I’ve been making an effort to go by myself! I successfully managed to cycle to and from Brixton for dinner on Sunday and was very proud of myself!

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