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My latest embroidery creations

May 6, 2018

I love embroidery, but unless I want my flat to turn into a giant wall of hoops – I give all of them away! Yep, I only have two of my pieces actually staying in the flat. It makes me super happy to give them away and it’s definitely come to the point where most people I know have one of my hoops hanging around.

That said, I really want to remember all of my designs and hoops, especially so I can hopefully see the progress I’m making! So I’ve decided to pop them up here on the blog as I make them. This can give me a bit of reference or give you some embroidery inspiration if you need some! If you have any specific embroidery posts that you want to read about then do let me know and I’ll be sure to write some!

Home sweet home

I love following embroidery on instagram – I get so much inspiration! And obvs, Insta is obsessed with plants and therefore there are lots of stitches of plants. I downloaded the shapes of the cactuses and I’m happy how it turned out. I’d definitely change the font if I did this one again!

I want something with stars

I hadn’t done my sister an embroidery so asked what she wanted and the only request was something with stars! And well, that’s what she got! This is one of my fave pieces still and was super quick to stitch up as even though it’s full, the stars were very quick to stitch. I’d definitely do something like this one again. You might not be able to see the text properly but it says ‘look how they shine for you’ – she is a Coldplay fan!

Is it a tent?

Haha I did this one for my mum for Mother’s Day. I posted it on Instagram and asked if she had seen her embroidery to which she seemed bewildered. She had seen it but thought the A was in fact… a tent! So you know, maybe it’s a tent, maybe it’s an A. This was my first opposite negative space one and I was quite happy with the outcome.

Don’t stop believing there is good in the universe / pretty lady

I stitched both of these up pretty quickly. They are the only two which aren’t my own designs but I got them off DMC. If you want some pre-made designs then DMC are great, they have loads of free ones for you to download!

The Easter bunnies come to town

Of course I had to do something Easter inspired! This is one which I showed the whole process of on Instagram which I enjoyed sharing. I definitely think the back of animals is much easier to stitch than the front!


Flowers with your tea?

Another instagram inspiration! I saw a very similar pattern so decided to reproduce it myself. This is one of my first pieces on the very patterned fabric and I’m glad how it turned out. I started using thicker thread so that it showed up more against the fabric and that’s then been something I’ve taken forward. Helps it stand out a little more!


Ah this one turned out so well!! I originally wanted to do flowers top and bottom but then decided to change it and put text at the bottom. This is my first time properly stitching script and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’d definitely do another Harry Potter embroidery again!

A fancy blue door.

My latest piece was this pretty blue door! I was super happy with the font and it was nice to stitch something which was a little out of my comfort zone. I definitely need to try and draw on a little more even if I’m doing something like this. If I do flowers then you can totally get away with some wonky, not so much with fixed doors!

There we have it, on the plans next are a flower filled kiwi, a couple of cats and another home sweet home piece. Many a piece to keep my little hands stitching!

Which piece is your fave?

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