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10 Happy Things #62 – Malaysia / NZ holiday edition

June 4, 2018

Oopsie, you know when you totally plan to do something and then well it just never happens. I was so determined to plan and schedule a load of posts for while I was away, but when it was 2 days before leaving and I hadn’t even started packing, I had to do some prioritising!

But I’m back in London and feeling super motivated on the blog front, so here’s hoping I’ll be doing a bit more writing this summer. Including lots of holiday posts! Now, let’s have a little catch up, shall we? I’m going to try and pick 10 moments from the last few weeks which will probably be impossible as it was THE BEST HOLIDAY. Seriously, so good.

Also I haven’t typed in 3 and a half weeks and now typing feels weird. Anyway…

1 Seeing the fam. Of course, this must come first! As I wasn’t going to Aus, the fam all came to Malaysia for us to have a fabulous 10 days together. It’s been ages since I last saw them as they had Christmas in NZ rather than the UK. We had a great time – they really are my favourite people to go travelling with!

2 Seeing my friends! And then NZ was FULL of friend time! It was great to see everyone all in one place – rather than when someone pops over to London. There was many a lunch and a dinner and everything that I wanted. It just reminds me that I need to go back to NZ more!

3 Finally getting back to Wellington. And linking into that is finally going back to Wellington. It has been almost 4 years since I last went home and it was SO good. Not much has changed which always makes me feel better. The wind still buffeted me, I drove round the suburbs like normal and went to all the old places I loved (+ a few new ones too). It did grace me with rain (of course) but to be honest, it’s a babe of a city even in the rubbish Winter weather.

4 Lounging on a paradise island. But even before NZ, we spent a glorious 4 nights on Tioman Island. A place I never really heard of but was just a dream boat. The kind of place which you know takes a 5 hour taxi, a 2 hour ferry and a 10 minute speed boat to get to but is just so worth it. It was isolated, relaxing, dreamy and I spent a lot of time lounging. Cannot wait to write a full blog post about it all!!

5 Discovering a real gem of a country. And to be honest, I loved Malaysia. It wasn’t really high on my list but I wanted somewhere easy in the middle of the UK and NZ and it surprised me in so many ways. The people were great, the experiences were epic, the prices were cheap and it’s somewhere I’d really recommend going!

6 A Kuala Lumpur food tour. Whilst we were in KL, we did a Malaysian food tour which was EPIC. I don’t think I’ve eaten that much quite possibly ever! Malaysia is a real melting pot and we wandered to a road side restaurant, a really traditional local Malaysian market and an Indian which had set up in a car park. It really opened my eyes in terms of street food and just how delicious it all is!

7 Walking the Abel Tasman. Jumping all over the place, but in NZ we popped to Nelson before Wellington and it was babein’. We got great weather and went for a good long stroll in the Abel Tasman. The views were awesome, the bush was so lush and green and it was a really lovely reflective place to walk.

8 Drinking cocktails on a helipad. Back to KL now, on one of the nights we got into a random building lift and ended up in Heli! The views were amazing and it was quite terrifying that you were so high up with no barrier whilst drinking. I loved the high rises in KL and this was one of those places I won’t forget!

9 Smooth flying. I found the trick to having a good flight to the other side of the world – do a stop over!! We did stop for our 10 days in Malaysia, but on the way back we did 12 hours in Singapore which was just sleeping really. I still felt a bit sick after the long ones but so much better than if I’d done both in a row!!

10 Posts I’ve been enjoying reading…

Now, catch me up on what you’ve been up to!! And hopefully you’ll see me around here a bit more often…!

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