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Do you think you’re creative?

June 28, 2018

I find the whole concept of creativity such a funny one. It was a term which for so long was used for a certain type of people, you know the ones, they do amazing at art at school, they have different ideas and think outside the box. Kind of the opposite to what I generally do with my more logical / practical brain.

To me creative people had to be good at an art – whether that be painting or sculpting or illustration. And let me tell you, I cannot do any of those to save my life. If you’ve seen my embroidery instagram stories then you’ll know how terrible my initial designs are! And if you had asked me to describe myself a few years ago, creative never would have popped in there.

It was only when I started posting embroidery on my instagram that things really started changing for me. I had been sewing for years, cross stitching, crocheting, even a bit of knitting. But to me, these were more practical tasks, I followed patterns and recreated what others did – so did that count as creative??

But then on Instagram some comments kept popping up – ‘oh this is so creative’, ‘so much creativity’, even things like ‘wow I could never be so creative’. And these comments kinda blew my mind, me? Creative? Huh? And it got me thinking more about creativity and how I think we all are much more creative than we think.

Creativity is defined as ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’. It doesn’t specify what that something is. It can be anything, from a piece of artwork, to words, to a different kind of dish in the kitchen. When people refer to ‘creatives’, I used to see that as a group I could never be a part of. But I think we can all be part of the ‘creatives’.

I think if you write a blog, run an instagram account, cook a new dish every now and again, sew, draw, write or just express yourself in a way which runs true to you then you are ‘creative’. If you were like me and saw yourself as ‘not a creative type’ then I really want you to try and think of ways in which you foster creativity in your life – I bet you can find a few more ways.

And by believing that I was being creative, it helped even more creativity flow. More imagination, more original ideas. Instead of following patterns, I started to sketch things out myself, I tried new colours, new combinations, new stitches, new words, new types of blog posts. And I think if you start to embrace it to then it can really help bring more colour to your life.

This all culminated a couple of weekends ago where I went to a Gather event out in the countryside in Horsham. It was a group of women spending the day together exploring more about ourselves. We participated in a values workshop, the idea being that by identifying our values, we would be able to make more informed decisions and be able to drive ourselves to our goals more effectively.

So we had a giant list of all the different values and we had to select 10, then whittle it down to 5, and then again down to 3. And you know, it surprised me that ‘creativity’ fully hit my top 5 and very nearly into my top 3 too. I think it’s just a case of understanding and embracing something that maybe we haven’t seen before. Growing up, hey?!

So now over to you, do you think you’re creative? How do you use that term?


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