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Exploring Euston and Kings Cross, London UK

June 14, 2018

I mean, one of the best things about London is all the different areas you can explore. Seriously, you could probably spend a whole weekend in each little borough or area trying all the different things to see and eat (mainly eat, obvs). And a good place to start is that of Kings Cross and Euston. challenged me to do some exploring and I was more than happy, especially as there are so many gorgeous hotels in Kings Cross too!

Luckily, Kings Cross and Euston is one of my favourite areas and I’ve done quite a bit of exploring around there. My first job in London was just down the road near Regent’s Park so it ended up being a handy little area to have a good wander round. So on a Friday night, I hit the road from Canary Wharf and had a glorious wander in the sunshine.

Where to stay in Kings Cross

Now I can only recommend one spot in Kings Cross and it probably beats them all – that of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. We will get onto the bar in a little while but although I’ve not managed to stay here, my parents grabbed a room here when they were last in London. So obv I took that excuse to have a good old wander and explore. The staircases are GORGEOUS. The rooms delightful, through giant heavy wooden doors – you’re in a proper old building.

The best bit was the bedroom window overlooking the platforms – the Eurostar ones in our case, I spent quite some time having a squiz at all the people getting off on their Parisian holidays. Can’t beat some people spotting right?

What to see in Kings Cross

There are so many great things to see within an easy 10 minute walk of the area, that said even just by walking a little further you hit upon loads of greats such as the British Museum. So it’s worth exploring it all!

Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is probably one of my favourite museums in London. It mainly has free exhibits, some permanent and a changing one too. It connects life, science, medicine and art. So basically all the things I love as a creative science geek who was almost going to be a doctor.

Their changing exhibit is always great – they currently have one on teeth which was fascinating, though maybe a little grisly for some! The collection also has one of my fave shops in London with a great collection of non fiction books.

The British Library

If you’re doing the Wellcome Collection then you must do the British Library too. It’s somewhere I often pop in to – especially for that view from the cafe. The library has a small, free permanent exhibition and a paid for changeable one too. They are both worth doing – the permanent being full of such amazing texts including the Magna Carta! I really love their selection of old maps too.

Their current exhibit on James Cook is a great one too – especially if you’re from NZ or Aus! Their previous ones on Harry Potter were a real hit too. So worth a visit if you’re around!

Escape Rooms

Oh yes, one of my fave things to do in London, and weirdly, a lot of them are around Kings Cross! So you know, get a bunch of friends together, lock yourselves in a room and then solve some puzzles in an attempt to get out. SO much fun. I’ve been to so many escape rooms, I can’t get enough! I’ve even convinced my American friends to do one where they live. They said that escape room walnut creek is a great one and they’re so glad I made the suggestion for them to do one. Hinthunt is the original escape room in London and is a short stroll from Kings Cross. I’ve done two of their rooms and think they are great – definitely worth a try.

Cluequest is also nearby, where I’ve also tried two of their rooms! I’ve managed to get out of all 4 rooms, though maybe with a little bit more yelling than they advise, but you know, it’s just one of those things I get caught up by!!

Foundling Museum

Another lesser known museum nearby is the Foundling Museum. I first went a couple of years ago but it was fascinating. It covers the Foundling hospital and the children which lived there – many of which were orphans. It was also one of the first art galleries in London. So even though it is one you have to pay for – I really recommend for a great combination of art and some fascinating London history.

Where to eat in Kings Cross

Kings Cross and Euston have reeeeally become great spots for food. Granary square and the developments nearby are chocked full of some great options, so let’s jump into a few of my faves!

The Driver

We popped to the Driver on Friday which is a fab pub a short walk from Kings Cross. Their real selling point is their gooorgeous roof terrace which was unfortunately shut for a private event when we went… always the way! But we tucked in a corner in the cozy pub downstairs – their sharers were really delicious and it’s a great place for a group.


The famous dishoom which is is quite a few locations in London, but the Kings Cross one is my fave! It is suuuch a gorgeous building and unlike the others, you can properly book in this one too! For some amazing Indian, including the best bacon naan, it is the place to go!

German Gymnasium

This is another spot which is in a fabulous building, pretty much opposite the entrance to Kings Cross. It does what it says on the tin – lots of German food! So when you’re in the mood for a bratwurst then be sure to give them a try. If not just to go into the giant hall for a good cocktail.

The Booking Office

This is one of my fave spots in London and somewhere I take visitors all the time! It’s in the old booking hall within St Pancras so is SUCH a stunning building. They also have fab giant arm chairs to sit in and serve some of the best cocktails. Totally recommend heading here for a drink before or after you go out for your dinner!

Pizza Union

Finally if you’re looking for super cheap, delicious pizza then look no further! The pizza at pizza union is thin and so good. It’s only like a fiver for an entire pizza and you collect it super quick when your buzzer rings. The interior is relaxed and it’s an awesome place to meet up with pals for a bite to eat whilst on your hols.

Phew, that ended up longer than I expected!! But seriously, it’s such a fab spot in London and one that is well worth doing lots of exploring!

Where do you recommend in Kings Cross and Euston?

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