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Exploring Malacca, Malaysia

June 18, 2018

Ah the best bit about writing travel posts is just reliving an awesome time – and that is especially true of our trip to Malaysia! We started our trip in Malacca Malaysia. It was a handy stop off point as we flew into Singapore and were heading up to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a shame we didn’t spend too much time in Singapore itself, as the place is absolutely beautiful and full of superb places to live. In fact, we’ve heard great things about living in places such as Piermont Grand, so if you’re looking for a big change of scenery, there’s no reason why Singapore shouldn’t be on the top of your list. Not only that but I really wanted to make sure we went somewhere which wasn’t just KL or a tropical island – something that would reflect more of the country itself. Enter, Malacca. If you live in Malaysia or you’re visiting, you might want to check out 12 Long Weekends In Malaysia In 2019 to help you make the most out of your trip.

How to get to Malacca Malaysia

Malacca is about half way between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur so you have a couple of options of where to fly into. Though keep in mind if you go from Singapore then you need to factor in the border crossing too which can take a bit of time!

We were flying in via Singapore as we had booked a return flight from New Zealand. We ended up getting a big taxi which fit the 6 of us in it and it took about 3 hours to drive. You can most definitely get a coach which would be much cheaper – but does take longer at the crossing. As I knew we were going to be very weary after a long flight, we decided that a taxi would be more comfortable!

We did get the coach from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur after and it was a really smooth ride – the coach itself was comfortable (though no on board toilet which caused me a bit of anxiety!!) and super air conditioned (essential!).

Where to stay

I have to say one of the highlights from Malaysia was staying at the Majestic hotel in Malacca. It was a dream!! It’s a traditional hotel and you can feel it from the rustic reception and little bar. The rooms themselves were stunning, we had a giant claw foot bath right in the middle of the bathroom – which had sliding doors so it was open to the rest of the room. I spent a lot of time in that bath!

We also popped to the spa whilst we were there which was looovely. They do traditional Malaysian treatments and our treatment started with traditional drinks and a hair washing ritual (which was so needed as my hair is such a faff to wash!). I then opted for a ‘warming’ massage* as apparently my body type is cooling, so I needed something to balance me out. It was the perfect way to start our trip!

What to do in Malacca, Malaysia

Now you’ve got there, what next?! Well let me tell you, it was SO HOT omg. So we went with the theory of wandering around earlier in the day when it was maybe a tiny bit cooler, and then spending the afternoon lazing about before going out for dinner. It worked a treat! So try some of these…

Jonker Night Market

If you go to Malacca Malaysia then be sure to go so that you’re there on a Friday / Saturday / Sunday night! These are the nights the Jonker night market runs. It’s a super long street packed full of a variety of vendors from food to clothes to local fare. It didn’t feel that touristy to me and a lot of the people eating at the stalls were locals.

We picked up some yummy bits and pieces – the good thing about Malaysia is that most of the vendors actually boil or use bottled water / buy in ice, so it’s easier to eat out without worrying you’re going to get a funny tummy!

Eating at some of the amazing restaurants

If you aren’t there when there is the night market is on, then don’t fear, there are lots of lovely restaurants around too! We went to Bulldog one night which served local Nyanya cuisine and it was deeelish. It’s a modern restaurant and really shows how the Malay dining scene is evolving. Not gonna lie, eating was some of the highlights of our Malaysia trip!

Riverside walk

Malacca is centred around a river and it’s a lovely spot to wander down. There is a heap of street art around here which is lovely to look out for when having a stroll. Add to that lots of nice waterside spots to eat and drink and it’s perfect! The Majestic was also by the river so we often had a nice stroll by the water to get into the centre of town.

Museums – Maritime Museum

Malacca has many a museum, the only one we got into was the Maritime museum – one which you won’t miss as it’s in a GIANT ship replica. The ship part of the museum was quite good – I learnt more about the area and the customs. The other buildings aren’t a great but if you need a bit of a break from the humidity then it’s a nice place to stop!

See the architecture including Christ Church and Stadthuys

Malacca was one of the original ports in Malaysia and has a heap of history which has led to some interesting architecture – from the British to the Dutch to the Portugeuse. It’s worth having a wander around – the church is one of the oldest in the country (and rare as it is a Muslin state). The Stathuys are beautiful red buildings in the centre of town which you need to see too.

Overall Malacca was a great place to start our Malaysia trip – I really enjoyed seeing somewhere a bit different and experiencing a new side to Malaysia. I don’t think you need more than a couple of nights to see all the sites so it makes it a great stop if you’re travelling between Singapore and KL.

Have you ever been to Malaysia?

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*Just to be totally transparent, I received a free spa treatment at The Majestic in exchange for some social coverage. We paid in full for our room and I didn’t need to mention it on the blog but I had such a great time that I just had to mention it!

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