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My London money diary

June 26, 2018

I’ve recently become obsessed with Refinery29s money diaries, where they follow different women throughout the week on what they spend. I also really loved Kristabels recent post where she recreated it – so I thought I’d do the same!

I’ve always tried to be conscious of my spending, but I do live in London and I know I have a problem with spending far too much money on food, so let’s see where this leads to!!


It starts as a quiet day before I head off to meet Erica for lunch. We are meeting in Balham so I jump on the bike and cycle there rather than spending on transport. I get avocado on toast but end up having two sodas so it comes to £17.50 in total.

Later in the afternoon, I do all the blog admin, start writing some blog posts and generally chill out. My dad has sent through his birthday list (he always wants very specific music bits, so easier to have a list!). I’ve already picked him up some bits and pieces so buy some things off the list amounting to £35.

Dinner is using leftover veggies in the fridge, so no more spending for me today!

Total spend: £52.50


A day in the office! My commute costs me £8 per day. I generally do contactless every day as it does work out cheaper, especially as I don’t travel in every day. One good tip for making the most of your commute time is by visiting to check out out their wi-fi SD cards.

I really hate bringing lunch to work myself – I hate things that have been sitting and the microwaves at work are rubbish. I pop out to Pret and have my standard – egg and cress sandwich with a tomato side soup coming in at £4.

For dinner is a Hello Fresh which we bought last week and I spend the evening relaxing and getting some more sewing down.

Total spend: £12


Standard £8 on travel which is well deserved as I seem to go all over the shop today! I’m delivering some training this week so buy a packet of biscuits for the group and some gum for my desk before I head into work coming in at £3.

Light lunch today as I’m off out for dinner so I pick up a £3 soup from Pret. After work I head to Brixton to meet Katy for dinner. We go out to Alpes at Pop Brixton to eat ALL of the fondue. Though no wine for me as for some shocking reason I’m doing dry June. However, all moot as I am Katy’s +1 for a blog review so the meal comes to a grand total of free.

Total spend: £14


Another day, another £8 spent on a commute! Such is life. Generally for lunch during the week I really try and stick to a £5 budget. Except for a Wednesday when I always go and have pasta. Gotta celebrate the middle of the week right?! So it was a £5.50 lunch today but oh so worth it for prawn and zucchini pasta deliciousness!

Off out for dinner again tonight! Gotta catch up with all my pals after time away. I’m seeing my bestie Sam and pick her up some flowers and candy on the way to make up for me being useless and not bringing anything good back from holiday for £12.

We go to Made in Italy in Clapham for dinner which ends up being delicious! I go for pizza so really rounding off my italian eating day (in prep for Rome in a few weeks right?!). I’m again not drinking which makes dinner a bit cheaper coming in at £14.

Total spend: £39.50


Working from home day! I usually work from home once or twice a week. I prefer a Friday but as there was a threatening Jubilee line strike, I went for Thursday instead. It was a day of lots of work but I did manage to stay in my PJ’s all day. Sometimes it’s needed right? It’s really nice working from home, having a neatly organised section of a room dedicated to being a little workstation. I’ve been recommended for all my office supply needs.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes miss working in an actual work environment; it’s just that loss of interaction that affects me the most, you know? It’s also quite hard to make any necessary business decisions without being able to effectively communicate my reasoning with other colleagues. I’ve heard that some companies choose the registered office address in their area that they can use for any small business meetings, as well as still appearing like a well-functioning company to its clients. It’s not a bad idea, to be honest. But overall, I do enjoy my time working at home.

I had shopped earlier on in the weekend and still had a load of bits left which served for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was another meal from our hello fresh which is always handy. After a busy few days, my night consisted of blogging and love island. Finally a day of no spending!

Total spend: £0


Fiiinally the end of the week! It’s been a bit of a stressful week at work so I was glad to get to Friday. It was the normal £8 for my commute. We normally go out for lunch as a group on Friday so we headed to Giant Robot and I spent £8 – a little more than usual!

I decided on a quiet Friday night as I was feeling tired from the week and I’ve been getting into my book. I grabbed a few bits from the supermarket on my way home – loo roll, bits for breakfast and some flowers for the weekend for a grand total of £12. I always love having a fresh bunch of flowers around when I know I’ll be in at the weekend.

Total spend: £28


So glad it’s the weekend. I head out early into town to beat the crowds around Oxford Street. It’s way quieter on a weekend morning! I meet my friend Rebecca for brunch at Dishoom which is delish and comes in at a reasonable £10.

I want to get some craft shopping in at John Lewis as it’s been ages since I’ve actually seen craft supplies in person! I want to get some wool as I’ve been hankering to do some more crochet for ages. Of course, I then pick up everything else including an embroidery book for a total of £36. I also pop into Bobbi Brown and pick up an eye shadow stick as mine is about to run out – £24.

Back home for the rest of the day and I eat the leftovers from Fridays Hello Fresh whilst I finally manage to do some crochet!

Total spend: £60

Total spend for the week: £206

Overall thoughts:

I think that’s actually relative reasonable for the week as a whole! It can be difficult constantly trying to limit what you’re spending, especially when you live somewhere like London. It can be impossible to save and also live off your money. One of my friends told me about pawning the other day. Apparently, that allows people to get a quick loan of money if you trade in a valuable item. You can then buy that item back once you can pay off the loan. That’s something I’ll keep in mind, especially if I ever find London getting too expensive for me or I need money quickly. Currently, I know that I spend too much money on food but to be honest, I’m always pretty miserable if I don’t eat out a lot so it’s a reasonable price to pay. I think on average I’d probably spend more in a ‘normal’ week when I’m drinking as my eating out costs would probably be a little higher.

It’s given food for thought anyway! I’d like to track over some other weeks and see how much it varies!

How much do you reckon you spend in a week?

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