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10 Happy Things #64

July 13, 2018

IT IS HOT. Seriously, and I know you’ve heard about it 10000 times but I need to mention it again. If only so that I can remember this when I read this post back in the middle of Winter. LONDON IS HAVING A HEATWAVE AND I’M MELTING. For reals, I always think in the middle of the cold, dark, long days whether summer even exists. And England is proving that this year!

So you know, other than melting, living in front of fans and guzzling about 4 litres of cold water a day, here’s a few highlights from recent times…

1 I went to Rome. Oh Roma! We popped over to Rome for a long weekend. It was one of those trips which was a bit unfortunate in terms of timing as we had recently got back from the big hols. But my Dad was over for a conference and my family wanted to go visit so we all packed over to Italy! There will be a couple of posts about it more detail but we had a GREAT time.

I had been to Italy a loooong time ago when I was a kid and hadn’t been since and this trip really lit the fire to see more of the country. The pizza, the pasta, the prosecco! I want it all.

2 I made my first flower crown! A couple of weekends ago I went on a little retreat out in the flower meadows near Farnham! It was run by the gorgeous Botanical Tales and it was the best day. We spent time doing calligraphy in the early afternoon before then making flower crowns later on. It was so calming and I love how it turned out. I am planning on doing a whole post on the day so keep your eyes out!

3 More plant babies. I won another plant baby! Another calathea for the collection. My plant corner is becoming a plant jungle and I am here for it. My old calathea which was close to death is now showing off 4 new leaves and I couldn’t be more pleased.

4 Trying painting for the first time. Reeves have sent me a few bits and bobs to get playing with! I’ve always been so scared of paint and I honestly don’t think I’ve touched paint since I was about 10. But I wanted to try doing some mixed media embroidery hoops – as in painting the fabric and then stitching over it! So one night after work I got everything out and had a proper play and really enjoyed it! Expect a guide in the near future.

5 Curling my hair. I’ve wanted to buy some hair rollers for ages and finally got around to it this month. My hair is super long at the moment as I really need to get it cut but never seem to find the time! So I curled my hair and love it – it’s so much easier when it’s long and gives it lots of body! Women need time in their day to beautify and our gentlemen need to be patient with us. We don’t expect them to understand why you need a hot roller, but they should give us the time to take care of our curling! It took me a while to get the hang of using hot rollers but I’m a pro now!

6 Hanging with the gal pals. It’s been a lovely time of catching up with all the gal pals! I had a looovely dinner in Peckham with Laura, headed to Katys to watch Love Island and caught up with Rebecca and pals for a birthday evening at Cahoots. So happy to have such great friends in London town!

7 The sunshine! I mean, I complained about it but I do love it really. It’s been so nice to go out without even a cardigan and wander in the sunshine. I’ve been walking every lunch time and baking. Long may it continue!

8 Malteaser buttons. Omg if you haven’t tried then you must immediately. It’s malteasers in button form and it’s everything you could have ever imagined.

9 New mattress! I hit peak adult lately when we got a new mattress. I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it had been to look for that perfect mattress. But after I considered a variety, where the ghostbed mattress was one of my favourites, honestly, I don’t think I’ve been more happy about any purchase this year. But before going ahead with anything, doing your research will make it a little bit easier to make your final decision. My friend told me to read this guide here before I bought one and I can understand why now! Mattress reviews are super useful. I mean I hit like going on holiday excitement because OMG MATTRESS. I love it and it makes me want to stay in bed even more. It’s a good job my friend told me that Slat beds need a more specific type of mattress or I probably would have been lying on my mattress on the floor!

10 Posts I’ve been enjoying this week…

Tell me what’s been making you happy lately!

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