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What you should read, listen to and watch this summer

July 19, 2018

Oh hey, been awhile since some good old recommends. I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading, listening and watching this summer. On planes and lazy summer evenings. I’ve even already hit my good reads goal for the year and have decided to double it! There’s a heap of quality material out there at the moment and I’ve been trying to expand my genres of content to try a bit of something new. Anyways, here’s some things for you to try this summer…


The Terror – Dan Simmons

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book which was just fantastic. And despite the fact I really didn’t enjoy the last 10% of it, this is still up there for one of my favourite books ever. It is a MASSIVE read. Like almost 800 pages massive and 700 of them are amazing. It centres around a trip of mariners trying to find the Northwest passage in the Arctic when their ships get stuck in ice.

It’s set in the 1800s and it’s based on true events but added with a bit of crazy fantasy put in their too. It’s a new TV series now which I really want to watch too. Definitely one to read!

Into the Raging Sea: 33 Mariners, One Megastorm and the Sinking of El Faro – Rachel Slade

Following on from The Terror I wanted to read more shipping books (I’ve read like 6 recently haha!) but this was a real highlight. I find it mad that a giant container ship can sink in 2015 and no one know where it is or what happened. They did eventually find the ships recorder which had all of the recordings from the bridge for the 48 hours up until the sinking.

It’s a heartbreaking read, especially as the fictionalised sections of the final days is actually based directly on transcripts which bring it to life. I learnt lots about life on the sea, why I should be terrified on hurricanes and how there is hopefully many lessons to learn. So interesting if you need a non fiction read.

The Moth Catcher / The Seagull – Ann Cleeves

Oh Vera, I do love this series of books. They are like a cuddle on the sofa on a cold winters day but in book form. Yeah it is about murder and crime but it’s the same kind of vibe as midsummer murders, just small town and cozy. Not sure why I have that association!! The last two books were as great as the others. As always I recommend this series and the Shetland series if you need a good couple of crime series to get into.


The High Low

I kept getting recommended the High Low and I’m so glad that I finally got into listening to it! Pandora and Dolly are my faves and I love the topics they discuss each week – highs and lows from the week in pop culture. They have great recommendations, cover such important topics and it’s legit an hour that I look forward to listening to every week.

Red Handed

Probs mentioned this one before but SUCH a great UK crime podcast. Hosted by two women which is a nice variety than a lot of the other popular crime shows out there – other than the comedy ones. It covers a case each episode but a lot of it is based on UK crime which is a nice change. Get it added into your listening rotation.


Love Island

Oh the divisive love island! For the last two years, what did I do in Love Island season? Well mute the phrase on my twitter and judge everyone that watched it of course. This year, kind of by accident as an attempt to keep me awake in jet lag, I gave in and have been hooked ever since.

Yes, it may be trashy but it is SO GOOD. I am invested, I care about the couples, I love it when people are dumped and when new people come in to shake things up. The producers are geniuses. And if you want to make it feel a bit more high brow then I highly recommend two Love Island podcasts which discuss the psychology behind their actions and relationships and all the social issues that it brings up – Undercover lover and Love’s a Beach.

Game of Thrones

Am I approx 8 years late on this bandwagon? Oh yes I am!! Well, I did watch the first couple of series when they came out but soon gave up as it was hard to find online and the middle seasons got a bit eh and I didn’t enjoy the books. But it’s back on NowTV and I’ve almost managed to catch up to the final season. It’s epic, it’s terrible in places but it is an entertaining watch for sure.

So, what have you been watching, reading and listening to lately? Throw your recommendations my way!

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