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10 Happy Things #65

August 13, 2018

Oh man I am MELTING. Seriously, I think I’m done with the heatwave now. I want like low 20s with a nice breeze where I feel like I can breathe and not be in front of two fans at all times. It does look as though we are in for a break soon and I am HERE FOR IT.

The brain isn’t capable in this heat of more of an intro than that, so on to some happy things from the weeks gone by…

1 Off to Manchester and the Peak District. I headed up North for the weekend to see the grandparents and of course to enjoy some slightly cooler weather! I took them out for a day trip and we had a fab day exploring the Peaks – we went to Bakewell, Eyam and near Castleton too. Such a gorgeous bit of the country and one I want to explore more. Full post coming soon!

2 Going to the lavender fields. We finally headed out to the lavender fields after being shockingly rained off previously. I do love the Mayfield lavender and although it was towards the end of the season, a lot of the bushes were still in full bloom. We took lots of snaps and treated ourselves to a lavender scone… though the bees did full on attack it and I ended up eating most of it in the car!!

3 Cheap blooms. One of the things I always appreciate living in the UK is the cheap blooms! Flowers are so expensive in NZ. I recently picked up a £2 bunch of gladioli and they are goooorgeous. Like a giant spray of flowers for such a bargain.

4 Trying out some new Twinings cold infuse. I got sent some of the new Twinings cold infuse for water bottles and they are gooood. Basically it’s like a teabag which you pop in a water bottle. Give it some time to infuse and a good shake and you have a drink ready to go! I’m looking for an alternative to fizzy and this has been perfect, my fave is the blueberry, apple and blackcurrant.

5 Getting my hair chopped. I fiiinally after like 6 months of no hair cuts got the old hair chopped! It feels so much better now though I’m still having a crisis over what colour I want it to be!

6 Hanging with the gals. The best bit of summer is heading out and hanging with the gals! We had an awesome picnic over at Erica’s and enjoyed the sunshine. I also headed out for deeelish Mexican and cocktails with Lynsey and Laura in Notting Hill.

7 Pub gardens with Paul. Paul and I have been making the most of our summer evenings by spending a lot of time in pub gardens. They are definitely my favourite bit of summer and I’ve been loving relaxing with a great g+t.

8 Courgettes. I mean, I know it’s random but I do love a courgette! They are SO GOOD. I want them for basically every meal. I made a courgette lasagna at the weekend and it was the best. I mixed the courgette with a load of ricotta and used it instead of the meat mix and would 100% make again.

9 Exercise. I’m mainly putting this on here in the hope it will motivate me to do some more exercise!! I’m trying really hard to get exercise back into my weekly routine. I do a lot of walking every day but I want to include more strength / cardio work outs too. I usually go to one extreme or the other so I’m just trying to do something three times a week as a starter!

10 Posts I’ve loved this week:

There we have it, until next time – tell me what’s been making you smile lately!

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