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How to find more joy in Instagram

August 30, 2018

I’ve been meaning to write a few ‘gram posts for awhile, but I’ve recently fallen out with writing about the whole blogging / online world. I’ve been very much going with the ‘write what you want’ ethos, as you know, gotta try and keep the blogging love up. But lately, I have been spending more time on Instagram.

And instead of feeling kind of rubbish, which social media tends to do to you – I’ve been getting more joy out of that little app. Instead of seeing it as a place of comparison, I’ve been turning it more into a place of inspiration and connection. I’ve realised that this is really important, especially if you are looking to grow your Instagram account. This is because you need to be able to learn from others and connect to those around you in order to know how to grow. So I thought I’d chat about the ways I’ve got more joy out of Instagram.

Follow people who bring you inspiration (and not who you think you should follow)

These little apps we use have now been around for a loooong time. Like years! And I think you get into the rut of who you follow – you’ve followed them for years so you kind of don’t question why you follow them. But, people change in those years! My Instagram has gone from personal to beauty to blogging to travel and now more to embroidery.

Therefore, it makes sense that the people you follow also need to change. I really encourage having a look at your feed and seeing if it brings you inspiration. If you no longer love make up, then maybe it’s time to remove those accounts (or mute if you don’t want to offend!) and fill your feed up with accounts which inspire you with your interests right here and now.

Don’t be afraid of doing something different

As IG has grown, people have found a specific way of taking pictures which people like. Which hey, is great! I do love some of those accounts. But if you want to do something different and away from the crowd, then do it! People don’t know what they like until they see new things. And being creative on your account is such a nice way of embracing and learning new things. If you also are a user of bought Instagram likes, choosing something new to post won’t be a concern when thinking of like counts. By visiting websites such as, and many more, you can learn more about where to get your Instagram likes from.

And when I see different, it may just be different from what you’ve been doing so far. I never posted my crafts online as I didn’t think that people would be interested. And hey, they are actually the things which I get the most likes and engagement on!

Don’t feel bad for curating, or not curating!

I think it always goes in waves of people doing lots of themed posts, and then people saying that it’s not cool to have a theme and it’s just so restrictive. And really, it’s whatever you want! I like my feed looking fairly cohesive and sometimes I felt bad for not putting certain images on, but at the end of the day, it’s your feed and you decide what you enjoy seeing the most!

Teach Instagram what you like

We’re never getting rid of the algorithm so we may as well teach it so that it brings us some joy right! Instagram will prioritise people you interact with more – so like and comment on the things you love!

And be sure to use the explore page too – I love looking at mine. If you see images on there which aren’t your thing then tap on them and mark them as ‘see less of this content’ to teach it what to show you. Now mine is always full of travel, crafts and gorgeous imagery which gives all the inspiration!

Understand what the likes are doing to you and act accordingly

There are some great books out there all about the psychology behind social media and I totally recommend that you read some. These apps literally feed into our need for love and validation, and we undoubtedly get the old dopamine hit when a post does well. And the app feeds into this by putting your likes up and down, never mind all the people playing the unfollow follow game.

To be honest it just isn’t worth getting stressed over! Especially when you know all the thought which has gone into making those apps the addictive things that they are. Do some reading and then by trying to separate yourself from all those little icons, it makes using the app so much more enjoyable!

So there we go, I’d love to know how you use Instagram and whether you think there are any actions you think will help you enjoy using Instagram more!

How to find more joy in Instagram
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