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How to get a good nights sleep with Leesa*

August 1, 2018

Not gonna lie guys, I’m pretty good at sleeping. Well I am when it’s not the middle of a London 35 degree heatwave but I’m putting that as an anomaly. Any other time of year though – sleep is probably my number 1 skill. I need a good 8 hours a night in order to be functional so it is essential that I get all the sleep I need.

Leesa recently made my dreams come true by sending me a mattress and making sleeping even EASIER. I’ll talk more about them below but I wanted you all to know that you can get your own Leesa mattress with £100 off using the code JASMINCHARLOTTE. So you know, all the benefits! Now onto some tips for improving your sleep…

Limit that caffeine

I think that caffeine has such an impact on your sleep – even in small amounts! I barely drink caffeine – only a little bit in a diet coke every now and again. I think although coffee can help you wake up in the morning (and I could do with that little pep sometimes!), it then impacts you throughout the day.

If you can cut down your caffeine then definitely give it a go. If you can’t go cold turkey then play around with stopping drinking coffee earlier – find a good balance, so maybe coffee before lunch but not afterwards!

Try and make sure you move enough during the day

I always find if I have a lazy day at home then my sleep that night won’t be as good. If you have a slower job then this might mean trying to fit some exercise in during the day, but I find as long as I’ve been out for a few walks during the day then I’m pretty good in the evening.

The aim is always to be properly tired by the time it’s bedtime, and I find lots of walking and no caffeine is the perfect combination for this!

Get an awesome mattress

As mentioned, previously we had been sleeping on a mattress which was SO OLD. It drove me mad as it constantly sagged in the middle and gave me no support. Well, we’ve been trying out the Leesa mattress for the last month and it has been GREAT. It has three foam layers – including a pressure relief memory foam layer which makes it a dream to sleep on. It is instantly relaxing as soon as you get into bed.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference using the mattress – feeling so comfortable and supported when you get into bed is so important and I now have no worries as I drift off. I mean, you literally spend a third of your day, every single day on a mattress – it’s worth getting the right one!

So I definitely recommend the Leesa – be sure to use my code up top for a discount, and another bonus is that Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold – so good for the community too!

Control the temperature

Alongside a mattress, it is SO important to have your room the right temperature. It’s always better to sleep in a cooler room and then cuddle down under a blanket – you don’t want to be so hot that you’re kicking off blankets (though sometimes in a heatwave you don’t get much choice!!) and not chilly either. I love to sleep with the windows open to get some air moving, and often use a fan – even if just for some white noise in the background.

If you don’t succeed, then get out of bed

It happens to us all, some nights you get into bed and despite doing everything right, sleep just isn’t coming. I’m a big believer that if you can’t sleep then get out of bed. Often I’ll go in the lounge and read my book in low light until I’m feeling sleepy again. There is nothing worse than tossing and turning for hours – break it up and it always seems to help me reset back into sleeping!

I think we all have phases of good and bad sleep but hopefully with a few tips you will be getting yourself having more good experiences than bad! And be sure to check out Leesa if you fancy a mattress of your own!

What tips do you have to a better night sleep?

*I was sent a Leesa mattress to review but after sleeping on it for a month already, I can swear that all mattress loving opinions are my own!

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