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My Embroidery Creations #2

August 19, 2018

I’m still sitting here stitching away! I mean, embroidery in the heat probably isn’t the most fun of activities so the pace has definitely slowed. But I still very much enjoy it as my evening wind down activity. So after sharing my embroidery creations in May, I wanted to share the other pieces I’ve been sewing away on!

Floral kiwi

Continuing on my theme of everything floral, I decided to use florals to make the shape of an animal! I see loads of these on Instagram and was super inspired and as I had a trip to New Zealand coming up, it was the perfect time. It took quite a while to stitch due to so many flowers but I was really happy with the outcome and now it’s at my besties in NZ, right at home!

Oh home sweet home!

Miss Pond requested a hoop for when I got back – asking for something home sweet home and Autumnal colours! I again tried some new bits with this one – doing some open leaves and trying to do the big thread painting in the flowers. I’m still not an expert at the whole thread painting thing but I do think it turned out okay – one that I will continue to practice! This snap also did super well on Insta so I was very happy with that!

A cat filled with flowers

I did a wee giveaway on Insta and one of the winners requested something to do with ginger cats, so my floral animal tradition continued! This one took a little less time as I tried to do a lot more line work with the swirls which I really enjoyed adding. It was a more muted colour scheme but I quite like it’s understated detail!

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

Another for my giveaway winners! I tried out a different font with this and it drove me mad! I ended up unpicking it several times which is a very rare occurrence but I was happy with the final outcome. Plus, it’s one of my fave quotes for sure!

Courage, Dear Heart

It was my lovely friend Rebeccas birthday and as the owner of Zeal and Heart, I had do something which was inspired by my very favourite necklace! I wear the Courage, Dear Heart pendant everyday so it was great to make it in embroidery form. Plus I used the patterned fabric and was happy with the outcome!

Never stop looking up

I think this is probably one of my fave ever hoops! I loved how the flowers turned out by doing them differently and leaving some space between them. Plus dandelions are my new fave as they look so cute but are super easy to stitch. I also started using tassel flowers for the first time in this hoop which I really want to continue using.

Let it be

And finally, this was my first mixed media hoop! I painted it first which was a real learning curve and then free hand stitched over the top. It was very hard to do free hand lettering but I think it works overall. I have a longer post coming up on how to go about a mixed media hoop so watch this space!

And there we have it, my latest hoop collection, of which all of them have made their way to new homes!! Which one is your favourite?


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